Winter Break is over!

Let’s face it, you were getting excited about the kids going back to school. I know I was, being the mother of five that is. It’s bittersweet because I did enjoy the time I had with them, but I was definitely not shedding any tears about sending them back.

I know you’re probably wondering, WOW five kids? Really? How do you keep it together? I’ll be honest, sometimes I have to ask myself the same thing. It’s not always as difficult as you’d think, not always crazy, and definitely rewarding. Teamwork plays a big role in the functioning of our home.

With the older three back in school, it leaves my two year old son and my three year old daughter in better harmony, which is great. It helps get me some peaceful hours before school lets out. I babysit generally between 7am-3:30pm, which means my house is always filled with children and let me tell you, silence really is GOLDEN! That is why I purposely wake up 30 minutes to an hour early just to have it. Coffee is my best friend as I’m sure you’ll figure out.

This morning, the first day back after winter break was a bit trying and I admit my nerves got rattled, but I persevered with my holy grail (travel coffee mug, yes!) in hand. I loaded them up one by one in my frost covered van and I toted them off to school. They were anxious to get back to their friends.

So after a long day of indoor adventures with the littles and picking up kids and helping with homework, I eagerly wait for my wonderful husband to come home at 4pm (he leaves at 6am, so I can’t help but to miss him). Suddenly the ear piercing shrieks for mommy that were stuck ringing in my head all day, turn into “daddy… daddy… daddy”. Wheww. He comes in like the super husband that he is and I finally feel at ease, briefly, because now it’s time to prepare dinner together. Ahhh and tomorrow, I’ll be at it again.

Hope you all had a great Wednesday!

Jan. 6, 2016

Winter Break is over!

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