The last one in diapers.

The day I’ve been waiting for is surely to arrive… The countdown has officially begun.

My youngest is two years old (three this coming July). We’ve been introducing him to the toilet for weeks now, but with no real success. No biggie though.

I watched my three and four year old in the past two years potty train after their 2nd & 3rd birthdays. My daughter completely potty trained within a day after using the toilet the first time. Neither of them ever wet the bed either. Went straight from diapers to underwear, easily.

He’s the last one in diapers and frankly I’m ready to ditch them all together as soon as he’s on board. We had our first breakthrough last week.

He was already telling us after the fact, but this time he came up and said “I pooped”, yeah cute huh. I sent him straight to his dad to check. He exclaimed that he didn’t even poop and he sat him on the toilet. I was finishing my cleaning when I heard;

“Babe! Come in here!” after 5 minutes on the potty and woohoo!! He pooped for the first time. I was so happy that I was jumping up and down. I felt tears welt in the corner of my eyes as I reached out to give him a high five.

Little man gave me one, but he was in tears. First time I’d seen a kid freak out from using toilet. I continued to praise him until a smile creeped his face and I gave him a gumdrop (yes, I’m a potty training briber). I told him each time he pooped and peed in potty he’d get one.

It’s a week later and after all the attempts, that time was the last so far. I’m not giving up. If he trains before his 3rd birthday he’ll be the youngest of my boys to train at his age. Fingers crossed.

At what age did your children train? Did you do anything special afterwards?

Jan 8 2016.


He pooped on potty again today! woot!


The last one in diapers.

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