Where the wild things are, in Winter.

That’s how I feel when I look at my legs. Seriously, I feel so much contempt with shaving. To the point I only shave once a month if that, in winter anyways.

The good thing about that is, when my husband and I were “courting” I went ahead and let him know not to expect shaved legs, like ever. Yeah I went there. He had no problem with it though, but I figured I’d be forthcoming.

In my opinion, for myself, I’m not going to do something I can’t stand just to appease a man. I can hear you all now. Do you even shave your pits lady? Why yes, yes I do. (Less ground to cover haha)

I’m not ashamed of allowing my hair to get wild in the winter. I shave it when I feel like it and when I do, I dry shave. It’s quicker, less messier and less hassle. Once I’m done I coat myself in coconut oil and call it a day. In the Summer, I tend to shave A LOT more often, but I still get it done quickly.

I know a lot of women who take hours to prep themselves and who spend a lot of time pruning and shaving. “I’ll be ready in 5 minutes” and you’re waiting 1-2 hours later. (I know a few ladies like this). I’m not saying anything bad about them, but I fly at the seat of my pants and I can’t have all that maintenance hold me back from being able to walk right out the door whenever. I’m ready in 5-10 minutes tops; Showered, makeup, hair and dressed.


Where the wild things are, in Winter.

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