I just wanted to share a little bit from our snow experience this weekend.

It’s been a crazy snow storm here in Southern Virginia. I’m from upstate New York and I know this less than a foot of snow down here isn’t really anything compared to the several feet of snow they get up there. Though you’d think the world was ending down here! Thursday night there was NO bread left in 3 stores so I came home and made my own homemade bread. (Kids actually like it better than store bought, but I need an electric mixer to make it easier)

Hubby had a tire blow out in the beginning of the snow storm on Friday on his way to work at 5:45am. (drive time is regularly 24 minutes, once he finally got the donut on, the weather was so bad it took him an hour to drive home) He came home because he knew he couldn’t risk driving home at 4:30pm on a donut in the snow that was still yet to come. I don’t blame him one bit. Had me a little on edge all morning until he was home safe.

The kids and Charlie (our furbaby) had a blast playing in the snow yesterday and today.

I will admit the snow is pretty and it was a nice change. But it’s also very dangerous and I’m not a fan of snow. This weekend has made me miss living at the beach in Florida!  (which I wouldn’t mind right about now)

I am sharing some aerial shots from our city’s “snowmageddon” that River City TV got. Hopefully this nasty wintry weather will be the last of it and we can hurry up and get into Spring! I’m ready, aren’t you?




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