I really would like to homeschool.

I’m still on the fence about this. I remember when I had my first child I always told myself I’d homeschool her and that was back in 2006. Of course when she did finally become school aged it was 2011 and I then had 3 children. I was in no way ready to homeschool.

It’s 2016 and she is finishing up 4th grade in public school, she is an honor roll student with perfect attendance, same as last year, but she really isn’t enjoying school and at the beginning of the year we had some issues with her focus and other students in her class.

Kindergarten to 2nd grade we had her in a private school. She didn’t go to public school until the 3rd grade and though we thought it was an easy transition, the entire setting is different than what she was used to.

We have 3 children in school this year. 4th grade, 1st grade and Preschool. This August our next child will be in Preschool and the rest will all move up a grade, then next year our youngest will be in Preschool and the others will move up a grade again. With her being our oldest here we were trying to decide whether or not homeschooling would be beneficial for her emotionally and educationally.

My main reason for wanting this is to create a better learning environment for her and to teach her in a way that allows her to be at her own pace. Some things she’ll be able to go through quicker and other things that she needs more time on, she’ll have that option.

Another reason for wanting this is because of the repetition in the classroom, other students in her class are learning more slowly than her and where she excels, they lack. This has caused her to “dumb” herself down so that she wouldn’t appear to be “too smart” because she had been made fun of for her intelligence by other students.

We’ve had several conferences, we’ve talked to the school board and we cannot get her into an advanced class because they don’t offer any. Basically she is getting bored in the classroom and is not staying focused. She gets her work done faster than others and understands things more quickly and while everyone else is having to go over and over it again.

Another issue we’ve had was helping her with math homework “our way” and it not being how it’s taught in the classroom, which confuses her and makes things more complicated. She is learning things in a way that is suppose to be easier for the other students, her learning it our way (old fashioned way) is easy for her, but it makes her classwork and everything harder to complete the way the teacher wants it to be done. If that makes sense.

They all get out of school May 20th and go back in August this year. My husband wants her to do 5th grade at home, but I’m a little bit hesitant because I don’t want to do anything drastic.

I was homeschooled in 2nd grade, 6th grade, the end of 9th grade and part of 10th grade. I’m not sure exactly why my parents pulled me and my siblings in and out of school but it caused brief issues when being reintroduced back into school.

If I homeschool her, I want to make sure I’m providing all she needs and at her pace plus giving her the social skills and knowledge to go back to school if she chooses to. Not to mention I have five children, I don’t see why I’d send all of them to school and only leave her home. Would I end up wanting to homeschool them all? I’m not sure. I can’t even imagine right now.

Any homeschooling parents have any advice or tips on homeschooling multiple children?

I really would like to homeschool.

4 thoughts on “I really would like to homeschool.

  1. I don’t know if this helps at all but try and find a community of parents around you that also home school. I say this because one parent may love math while another loves history. With the cross teaching kids learn from people that really enjoy said topic. It also keeps them interacting with other kids. It would make for an easier transition if they went back into school. Obviously you need to be around other parents but it may be worth checking out.

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    1. Yeah I’ve heard about homeschooling groups and my Aunts four children were also part of a group and I had attended a few of those gatherings. That would be a nice thing to be a part of if there was a local group. Thank you for your comment.


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