Children and Ear Piercing

I’ve never been one of those parents who is against ear piercing or who thinks it’s cruel to pierce an infants ear because they can’t tell you it hurts, hell I had all 3 of my boys circumcised, I think that takes the cake on causing infants pain. However I only have 2 girls both of which did not have pierced ears. For my eldest though not for lack of trying.

She’s 9 going on 10 years old and she is now requesting for her ears to be pierced, again, as if the first 3 attempts weren’t bad enough. She in terms of tolerance to fear and pain is very much a scaredy cat. I first had her ears pierced when she was 6 months old in 2006. She lost one of the studs and the hole closed, so I went ahead and took the other piercing out and let them both heal.

I had her ears pierced again when she was 2 years old in 2008. That time she refused to allow me to clean them or twist them, LITERALLY she would kick me and scream at the top of her lungs and I just couldn’t hold her down and manage with just my own 2 hands (which she still does currently even at the Doctor’s office for checking throat, finger pricks, getting shots, etc. – at least the nurses help there), one ended up getting a small infection and she took them out and they closed up and healed.

The third time she was 5 years old in 2011 and the same thing occurred as before. I only had them done that time because she begged and she promised that she would let me do what needed to be done. Wrong again.

She’s been asking me for months now to have her ears pierced and I can’t help but to think it’s just not going to work out, but I’m willing to try again.

My younger daughter, who is almost 4, has been asking for earrings for months also, ever since her sister started talking about getting her ears pierced. I never had her ears pierced because I was worried I’d go through the same situation as I did with her older sister. Well this morning my husband asked her what she wanted to do today and she said “I want my earrings today.” So we finally took her to the mall to get her ears pierced while her brothers watched. She did great!!

She had to have them done one at a time because the woman was the only one there who was certified. She handled it like a champ though, she cried a little the first time and by the second ear she was just fine and asked for her lollipop. She adores her pink metallic 3mm earrings but told me she wants Elsa and Anna ones. I told her for her birthday in May she can pick her some pretty earrings but for now these were the best options for her first piercings.

My oldest daughter comes back from her dad’s tomorrow evening (it was his weekend and tomorrow is a teacher work day at school) so we’re going to take her to finally get her ears pierced. At first I was going to take the girls together but decided against it in case either “chickened out”. So now that my little girl has hers done and actually LETS me twist and turn and clean her ears, maybe she can motivate my eldest to not be afraid.

Personally I had my ears pierced twice professionally (first 4 holes) and then I pierced the next 2 rows by myself as a teenager and also my cartilage 3 times (though I let 2 heal after because it didn’t turn out how I wanted) I had my nose pierced for an hour once HAHA and my lip pierced for about a month. Both of those I let close up. So presently I have 9 piercings.

In my experience as a parent. Waiting was the best choice I made. I know a lot of parents who have pierced their children at all sorts of ages.

At what age did you have your child’s ears pierced?


Children and Ear Piercing

Applicator Free O.b. Tampons ?

I’m a Bzz Agent over at and my recent campaign was for Ob ProComfort applicator free Tampons. So the following will be my review and opinion this product.

I was a bit skeptical of an applicator free tampon because honestly I’ve just never used one before. I had to wait 2 weeks before I actually had the chance to try them out. I got 4  little boxes of 18 tampons with a cute little tampon carrier that fits 4 of these ProComfort tampons. (I gave a box to my friend and my sister)

My monthly visitor wasn’t due until tomorrow but she surprised me today when I was at the preschool signing my daughter up for the Fall. I was signing papers and all of a sudden had to excuse myself to use the restroom. Thankfully I remembered I was carrying the compact carrier in my purse and I grabbed it and took out one of the tampons. I took the cellophane wrap off it and remembered the instructions on how to put it in. I was surprised at how easy and convenient it was NOT to have to hang on to an applicator while I was doing my business. After washing my hands I finished the school task and went on my way home.


It’s been going on 2 hours later and it hasn’t leaked and it’s comfortable and so far I’ve had no dissatisfaction with the product. I would actually recommend it to friends and family because if you’ve ever been in a situation where perhaps you don’t have a purse with you, one of these would fit discreetly in your pants pocket or jacket pocket without sticking out or rustling around noisily while you’re in public.

This would have been a great product to have when I was a teenager because I’m sure some of you can relate, in middle school and high school it was very embarrassing to have to grab a tampon out of my book bag or locker and have it so big, bulky and noisy where everyone in the class could see it was that time of month for me.


It takes a little longer to apply than other tampon brands. I can see how this type of product would make people feel uncomfortable, having to use your finger as an applicator, it’s not as hygienic as the other tampon brands. Maybe on a light flow or just starting (like I’ve experienced today) it could be perfect in an emergency. I’m still going to have to test them on a heavier flow, but so far I’ve not had a complaint, however I will not be switching brands and I will stick to the tampons I have always used and keep these o.b. tampons in case of emergencies.


Because of their compact size, discreetness and efficiency, I would suggest putting them in First Aid kits, emergency bags, diaper bag, travel kits, glove box in the vehicle, purse, gym bag, etc. Sometimes full-sized tampons with their applicators are just too bulky to tote around, these o.b. tampons definitely change the game in that aspect.

RATING: **** 4 out of 5 *****
(just based on personal preference doesn’t make this a bad product)


Applicator Free O.b. Tampons ?

It’s bittersweet to watch them grow.

The one thing I used to find myself always thinking was, “Man I can’t wait until they are older!” When really it’s bittersweet. I would LOVE for them to stay my little toddlers forever but I know that watching them turn into the smart, witty and charismatic little people is just the next step on our journey.

My four year old son Ky is in Preschool. Before he started he wasn’t getting all the colors right, he had no recognition of the alphabet, and couldn’t really tell me shapes after going over and over everything. No matter how much I tried to teach him, he just wasn’t absorbing it.

Now he can say his ABC’s. He can nearly count to 20. (he can get to 12 accurately) He knows all his colors. He knows many shapes (even hexagon). He can do simple math with objects (1+1=2 & 2-1=1 kinda stuff) He is still learning Letter Sound recognition though he is exceeding in all expectations of the school by the end of the year. I’m proud of him.

It’s crazy to have seen him change so much just going to Preschool. He’s so smart. He can recite nursery rhymes, he can articulate much better (since they have had him in speech therapy) He went from being my kid who didn’t seem to retain information, to my kid who now knows so much that sometimes he even out smarts me.

My three year old daughter Fifi (turns 4 in May) will start preschool this year. She’s completely different than my son though, she already knows everything he’s learned in Preschool prior to going. I’m only sending her so she can learn how to behave in a school setting before Kindergarten, I already know she knows everything they’ve been testing my son on, so it should be a breeze for her.

She had been asking me all year can she go to school, so even thought it’s not a mandatory grade level, I’m still going to send her. She’s very excited and it’s really a good experience for them, I believe, plus I love that school.

That leaves me one baby left at home once she starts in August this year. My little 2 year old son Po who will be 3 in July. He is my doll baby, so spoiled and such a clown. I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself once he starts school. (I wanted to start a hobby, but I just don’t know what I’d want to do)

I won’t get into my 7 year old son Z and my 9 year old daughter Ro. Seriously, they are so hot and cold. I’m sort of fearing being a mom to teenagers, but I know it’s inevitable. I’m just doing my best right now because they are the oldest and each new year is something else, usually something I’ve never dealt with before, so it’s very trying and at times I get emotional I won’t lie, but I’m doing my best to figure it all out because I have 3 more coming up behind them.

So as I’m watching them grow like I’d been painfully anticipating and at some moments wishing for… I’m finding myself now hanging on a little tighter to the memories of their infancy. They have grown so much and I really do enjoy this journey we’re on, we’re constantly learning and growing together as a family because they are all so different and all of them have different personalities. They all have different favorite things, they all have their own preferences.

As a parent, I have to remember every little detail or else they will correct me very quickly and then it’s the whiny cry from my daughter “MOM… I don’t like ketchup!!” and I’m like “oops, just switch plates with your brother.” The one kid who has to eat RANCH with everything and won’t eat a morsel if ketchup touched it, is my little girl. Then my four year old son has to eat mustard with everything and he likes pepperoni on his hamburgers. I could go on and on. Fixing dinner at my house I always have to prepare each plate differently and then remember whose was whose. It’s like one of those matching games where you have to remember which picture is where when they are turned over.

This sort of thing is going to continue on though, there are going to be so many changes to come, so much more learning and adjusting as they grow and it’s going to be a sensational adventure and it’s one I’m ready for, at least in theory.

(photo is of my younger four on one of our museum trips)




It’s bittersweet to watch them grow.

Disney Mural – Work in Progress

I’ve loved Disney movies for as long as I can remember, I’ve even been to the theme park once. Even at 25 I still find comfort in watching Disney movies with my children, especially the originals. I feel like you’re never too old for Disney.

We’re redoing our basement in the upcoming weeks and I decided on a Disney theme of course. The majority of the basement space is used as a play room and entertainment space mostly for the children. We do not have a formal living room in our house, so I want to create a space that is fun and welcoming for us as well as the kids and guests.

Once I decided that I was going to be doing Disney I quickly sketched an idea for a mural on a loose leaf sheet of paper and then put that idea on the actual wall. At first I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out. I was a little nervous to make it more “permanent” than a pencil. Considering I haven’t painted in years!! I was nervous about spending money on paint (which only cost $16 at Wal-Mart in the craft section for all the colors I needed, I figured I’d create my own color shades if I had to)

I started feeling more confident as I went along and after a lot of erasing I finally got them to look how I wanted them to, on a bigger scale than my sheet of paper. It’s been a slow and tedious process but that’s because I’m caught between juggling all my other tasks that come with being a busy on the go mom, wife and also caregiver.

I’m sure my husband is tired of hearing “My feet are sore, my back hurts and my arms feel bruised and my neck cramped from being in such an awkward position while painting. It’s going to be so worth it though.” He thinks it’s great though and now that he’s seeing it unfold, he’s realizing that maybe me drawing on the wall wasn’t such a bad idea.

I also realize once I started painting that I should have been more strategic with placement of certain characters. I accidentally put NEMO the clown fish over top of Tigger! Now I have two orange and black clashing. I also have EVA from Wall-E, Pongo from 101 Dalmations and the Storm Trooper from Star Wars side by side and that’s a lot of black and white. I’m hoping with some painted black lines to show dimension that it will all come together nicely. I sometimes can’t help but to critique myself.

I thought I’d share the progression photos until it’s complete. Here’s up until yesterday’s work. I’ve done more today but haven’t taken any more photos yet.

The pencil and marker lines.

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A little bit of color

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I still have a lot of painting and detail work to do but when it’s complete it is a 3’ft x 10’ft mural that is on an accent wall in the den and underneath it will be a custom hand-built cubicle shelving system (4’ft x 10’ft) to hold canvas boxes for the children’s things, as well as books and other decorative accessories.

Once this is finished we’ll be painting all the other walls solid colors, hanging carefully selected framed Disney posters. Building other storage space and also creating a LEGO corner. The bathroom is also getting gutted and re-done. I will continue to share our little renovation with you all and any tips or struggles along the way.

Thanks for viewing!!

Disney Mural – Work in Progress