It’s bittersweet to watch them grow.

The one thing I used to find myself always thinking was, “Man I can’t wait until they are older!” When really it’s bittersweet. I would LOVE for them to stay my little toddlers forever but I know that watching them turn into the smart, witty and charismatic little people is just the next step on our journey.

My four year old son Ky is in Preschool. Before he started he wasn’t getting all the colors right, he had no recognition of the alphabet, and couldn’t really tell me shapes after going over and over everything. No matter how much I tried to teach him, he just wasn’t absorbing it.

Now he can say his ABC’s. He can nearly count to 20. (he can get to 12 accurately) He knows all his colors. He knows many shapes (even hexagon). He can do simple math with objects (1+1=2 & 2-1=1 kinda stuff) He is still learning Letter Sound recognition though he is exceeding in all expectations of the school by the end of the year. I’m proud of him.

It’s crazy to have seen him change so much just going to Preschool. He’s so smart. He can recite nursery rhymes, he can articulate much better (since they have had him in speech therapy) He went from being my kid who didn’t seem to retain information, to my kid who now knows so much that sometimes he even out smarts me.

My three year old daughter Fifi (turns 4 in May) will start preschool this year. She’s completely different than my son though, she already knows everything he’s learned in Preschool prior to going. I’m only sending her so she can learn how to behave in a school setting before Kindergarten, I already know she knows everything they’ve been testing my son on, so it should be a breeze for her.

She had been asking me all year can she go to school, so even thought it’s not a mandatory grade level, I’m still going to send her. She’s very excited and it’s really a good experience for them, I believe, plus I love that school.

That leaves me one baby left at home once she starts in August this year. My little 2 year old son Po who will be 3 in July. He is my doll baby, so spoiled and such a clown. I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself once he starts school. (I wanted to start a hobby, but I just don’t know what I’d want to do)

I won’t get into my 7 year old son Z and my 9 year old daughter Ro. Seriously, they are so hot and cold. I’m sort of fearing being a mom to teenagers, but I know it’s inevitable. I’m just doing my best right now because they are the oldest and each new year is something else, usually something I’ve never dealt with before, so it’s very trying and at times I get emotional I won’t lie, but I’m doing my best to figure it all out because I have 3 more coming up behind them.

So as I’m watching them grow like I’d been painfully anticipating and at some moments wishing for… I’m finding myself now hanging on a little tighter to the memories of their infancy. They have grown so much and I really do enjoy this journey we’re on, we’re constantly learning and growing together as a family because they are all so different and all of them have different personalities. They all have different favorite things, they all have their own preferences.

As a parent, I have to remember every little detail or else they will correct me very quickly and then it’s the whiny cry from my daughter “MOM… I don’t like ketchup!!” and I’m like “oops, just switch plates with your brother.” The one kid who has to eat RANCH with everything and won’t eat a morsel if ketchup touched it, is my little girl. Then my four year old son has to eat mustard with everything and he likes pepperoni on his hamburgers. I could go on and on. Fixing dinner at my house I always have to prepare each plate differently and then remember whose was whose. It’s like one of those matching games where you have to remember which picture is where when they are turned over.

This sort of thing is going to continue on though, there are going to be so many changes to come, so much more learning and adjusting as they grow and it’s going to be a sensational adventure and it’s one I’m ready for, at least in theory.

(photo is of my younger four on one of our museum trips)




It’s bittersweet to watch them grow.

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