Applicator Free O.b. Tampons ?

I’m a Bzz Agent over at and my recent campaign was for Ob ProComfort applicator free Tampons. So the following will be my review and opinion this product.

I was a bit skeptical of an applicator free tampon because honestly I’ve just never used one before. I had to wait 2 weeks before I actually had the chance to try them out. I got 4  little boxes of 18 tampons with a cute little tampon carrier that fits 4 of these ProComfort tampons. (I gave a box to my friend and my sister)

My monthly visitor wasn’t due until tomorrow but she surprised me today when I was at the preschool signing my daughter up for the Fall. I was signing papers and all of a sudden had to excuse myself to use the restroom. Thankfully I remembered I was carrying the compact carrier in my purse and I grabbed it and took out one of the tampons. I took the cellophane wrap off it and remembered the instructions on how to put it in. I was surprised at how easy and convenient it was NOT to have to hang on to an applicator while I was doing my business. After washing my hands I finished the school task and went on my way home.


It’s been going on 2 hours later and it hasn’t leaked and it’s comfortable and so far I’ve had no dissatisfaction with the product. I would actually recommend it to friends and family because if you’ve ever been in a situation where perhaps you don’t have a purse with you, one of these would fit discreetly in your pants pocket or jacket pocket without sticking out or rustling around noisily while you’re in public.

This would have been a great product to have when I was a teenager because I’m sure some of you can relate, in middle school and high school it was very embarrassing to have to grab a tampon out of my book bag or locker and have it so big, bulky and noisy where everyone in the class could see it was that time of month for me.


It takes a little longer to apply than other tampon brands. I can see how this type of product would make people feel uncomfortable, having to use your finger as an applicator, it’s not as hygienic as the other tampon brands. Maybe on a light flow or just starting (like I’ve experienced today) it could be perfect in an emergency. I’m still going to have to test them on a heavier flow, but so far I’ve not had a complaint, however I will not be switching brands and I will stick to the tampons I have always used and keep these o.b. tampons in case of emergencies.


Because of their compact size, discreetness and efficiency, I would suggest putting them in First Aid kits, emergency bags, diaper bag, travel kits, glove box in the vehicle, purse, gym bag, etc. Sometimes full-sized tampons with their applicators are just too bulky to tote around, these o.b. tampons definitely change the game in that aspect.

RATING: **** 4 out of 5 *****
(just based on personal preference doesn’t make this a bad product)


Applicator Free O.b. Tampons ?

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