Aspiring Homeschool Mom – 5th Grade

This school year has been incredibly trying and quite frankly a pain in the rear. As I’ve mentioned before I have three children in public school (4th, 1st and preschool) My fourth child starts preschool this upcoming school year and then the rest will move up a grade. I’m not a fan of public schools and as much as I wish I could afford to send them to private school, that’s simply out of the question. My current concerns are for my oldest as she’s had the most issues at school this year.

A brief background. She went to private school Kindergarten through 2nd grade and in Public School system 3rd through 4th. She is very smart and has had AB Honor Roll her entire academic journey. Her father recently moved to Colorado and her grades started slipping. She has had behavioral issues all year, but it has gotten worse since this big change. I’m not sure if it’s truly connected or not, but I can’t help but to notice the timing of the recent issues. Though it’s really been a concern all school year.

There have been plenty of straws all year long, but the LAST straw that broke my back was the call I got from her teacher last week on Tuesday. She was pretty much telling me that my child was conniving and that she was in the middle of social drama at school yet again. Her teacher likes to belittle in her own twisted words that make her sound like she’s not ganging up on her, but in reality you can tell she is trying to berate her. My daughter’s behavior continues being a slight issue at home as well as school. We have had this problem all year and after several phone calls, conferences, home discipline, having privileges taken from in school, nothing is deterring this behavior.

I don’t even blame my child, she’s a child, but I do not like the influence her peers have on her at school for the most part, and partially the school/staff in general. As I said, she’s always made A’s and B’s, yet this year has been a roller coaster of behavior issues, laziness and complete disregard to her full potential. I know she can do better, I know she’s smart and has the right mindset to do great. I feel like being in public school is preventing her from reaching her greatest self and I believe homeschooling her will put her back on track emotionally and academically.

I used to think I’d be a homeschool parent, but 5 children later, I just can’t see myself having them all home full-time right now. Maybe in a few years, one goal is to get them all to at least 5th grade with all their basics learned. I just don’t have enough confidence in myself to be their full-time academic teacher currently. I told my eldest that she’ll be the only one homeschooled after the summer. I’m pretty sure she’ll excel so tremendously that she won’t want to go back and homeschooling is a 100% commitment I’m willing to make in order to have success in my children’s learning and behavior.

We’re definitely doing it for sure! I already have her curriculum prepared and she’s excited for the change and I think it will help her greatly with her relationship with me as her mother and for her on an academic level. It will be good for us and we’ll learn and grow together.




Aspiring Homeschool Mom – 5th Grade

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