Invisible Soda – Science Experiment

So my oldest and I have been working on her 4th Grade Science Fair project for next week. We decided to go with the Invisible Soda one which is simple and goes like this….


(1) You take a 20 fl. oz. bottle of Coke Cola.

(2) Open it and pour in milk to about the cap. (pour carefully as it will cause soda to erupt)

Close the cap and let sit.

(3) Look at it in 30 minutes.

(4) Look at it in an hour.

(5) Let it sit undisturbed over night.

A chemical reaction occurs between the molecules in the Cola and the milk. Molecules in the Cola attach to the molecules in the milk. The Cola and milk molecules together are denser than the rest of the liquid and sink to the bottom. Thus, creating a clear “invisible” drink. (however, it’s no longer a drink I’d be willing to try lol)



I’ve sent these pictures off to Walmart Photo Center to print so we can attach them to her board and have it ready for presentation on May 16th. This did give us several ideas to do experiments.

Another cool one (though costly) uses vegetable oil, water, food coloring and alka-seltzer. We used a pickle jar but you can use a soda bottle, fill it 3/4 full of oil and the rest of the way with water, then add 10 drops of food coloring. Break up an alka-seltzer tablet into 8 pieces and one at a time at your own pace (to view different outcomes) drop the alka-seltzer pieces into the container and then watch. It is pretty neat.

Here’s a link to what the Lava Jar looks like VIEW LAVA VIDEO ON FACEBOOK HERE

Invisible Soda – Science Experiment

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