Made With Love – Custom Jewelry

My birthday is in 9 days and my hubby had ordered me a custom piece of jewelry that I just had to have! It’s made from beautiful exotic wood and I absolutely love the coloring….


I ordered it custom made from Timber Treasure Troves / Made With Love By Laurette (according to the size of my wrist where I’d wear it, which I preferred snug). It’s cuff style, so I would suggest sizing the circumference of your arm/wrist at least 3  inches down from your palm.

There are many other types and styles of jewelry available on Timber Treasure Troves / Made With Love By Laurette’s Etsy Store.

One of which styles, is the memory wire bracelet, that hubby had customized for Mother’s Day in secret. Though I admire his attempt to be undiscovered, I found out he ordered it, I just don’t know what it’s going to look like and that will be the surprise. I’ll be receiving it this Sunday for Mother’s Day and once I have photos I’ll be updating here.


Here’s the picture of my mother’s day bracelet. It’s my favorite colors, it has our initials stamped on a heart and also has all 6 kid’s (step-daughter included) birthstone colors in order of oldest to youngest in the center (July, May, December, May, May, July). It’s beautiful and I love it!!


I’ve also ordered 2 other memory wire bracelets (anniversary and mother’s day) in 2013 from Made With Love by Laurette. They’ve withstood much wear and life with 3 small wild children. I absolutely love the styles, the creatively and craftsmanship behind the finished pieces they have.


Made With Love – Custom Jewelry

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