Summer Reading list for my 10 year old

You probably are familiar with Accelerated Reader (AR) Tests back when we were in school and even most schools still today. Well since that program is at school, I found a neat website for my children to use at home called Book Adventure.

I made my older two children an account so that when they finish a book on their list, they can quiz themselves and I monitor the scores. However, if they don’t pass then obviously they didn’t read the book or were not paying attention to all the details. Either way it helps determine how to move forward with their reading skills and reading comprehension. So far, this hasn’t even been an issue for us, as they pass all their quizzes.

Although I’d love my children to follow in my footsteps and LOVE to read and read beyond their level (I was on a 6th grade level in 3rd grade), but I find that I have to coax them into reading more often than not. So because of this I read to them from a larger chapter book every day and question after each reading to see how well they listened. (this is actually really nice time spent together and reassuring since they can answer all the questions spot on)

My 4th grader (oldest) starts a new book once a week or until it’s finished. I don’t make her sit and read all day because I want her to enjoy reading. I found that when she really gets involved in a book, she will sit down and read it for a long time. When she is through, she’ll test on it and she does really well. My 1st grader likes to read and he is still learning many words, so although I would love for him to read more advance books he’s still on a 1st grade reading level, but I have many books here for him on his level and he reads them every day.

Over the summer we’ll be getting additional books at the public library, but this list I’ve compiled are from a lot of 20 books I ordered online that had quizzes on the Book Adventure website (some below and above her reading level) so I’ve listed them here with the author’s name and included the reading level for each book, in case any of you are interested in looking into these books with your child.

  1. Mr. Klutz is Nutz by: Dan Gutman Lvl 3
  2. Miss Daisy is Crazy by: Dan Gutman Lvl 3
  3. The Worst/Best School Year Ever by: Barbara Robinson Lvl 3.5
  4. Dolphin Adventure by: Wayne Grover Lvl 4
  5. Great-Grandpa’s in the Litter Box by: Dan Greenburg Lvl 4
  6. Are you there God? It’s me, Margaret by: Judy Blume Lvl 4
  7. Little House in the Big Woods by: Laura Ingalls Wilder Lvl 4.2
  8. Claudia & the Clue in the Photograph by: Ann M. Martin Lvl 5
  9. Red Dog by: Bill Wallace Lvl 5
  10. Me Two by: Mary C. Ryan Lvl 6



Summer Reading list for my 10 year old

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