Our Backyard Coop Beginning

My husband and I have been talking about getting some chickens for a while now to put in a backyard coop to provide us fresh eggs. I’ve never had experience with chickens, but we’ll learn together.

Our city ordinance is 9 chickens and under, so we started out with just 5. We do not know their sexes yet for definite, but the farm we got them from trades  roosters out for new chicks. I did a feather sexing technique and also listened to their chirps in comparison and it’s looking like majority girls except or one. But I want to know for sure before we make any decisions. We should be able to tell in about 3 weeks. If we’re correct though at least we’ll only have one to trade out.


We own our home in the city and as much as I love it, I’m starting to really long for a country farm house of my dreams. I want a big plot of land out in the county and I want to expand on my dream to have our own little farm and be self-sufficient. But until then though…

We’re going to be building a coop and run here next weekend or the weekend after, soon, I know that much. The kids were excited to pick up the chicks today, I explained to them that they are nice and cute and fluffy now but that they turn into adult chickens. They weren’t too enthusiastic about that but when I explained to them we’re going to be collecting their eggs to eat, they got excited again. They LOVE eggs!

Here’s the little guys and a rough sketch of what we want the coop and run (it looks open but it will have 4 walls and ventilation plus the run will be open aired). When we start building it, I will take pictures as it progresses. Hubby has been watching online videos and getting ideas on what he wants to do. Apparently he’s named them already, though I was waiting to do that, but it’s nice he even thought to name them at all. He named them Midnight, Sunshine, Nugget, Speckles, Lucky. (I heard it’s not good to name them when it’s possible they could be eaten in the future, but I guess he couldn’t help himself.)

PicMonkey Collage



  1. Knowing what conditions our chickens are living in.
  2. Knowing what our chickens are eating and what’s going into our eggs.
  3. Having fresh eggs for our family and knowing how old the eggs are.
  4. From what I’ve read, many people who raise chickens see them as an antidepressant, they lower stress just by watching them and tending to them. I can already see how that’s true just looking at these little guys.
  5. Can turn their waste into fertilizer for the garden by adding it to the soil or compost pile.
  6. As we cycle out of our chickens, we’ll have fresh meat for meals.
  7. They are good recyclers for table scraps, not as their main food supply, but to cut back on waste.
  8. Natural pest-control for the backyard and garden. They eat many pesky insects.
Our Backyard Coop Beginning

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