My First Preschool Graduate

My oldest 2 children did not attend preschool, for my daughter it was because she already knew everything preschool had to offer and for my son because his birthday was in December he didn’t meet the age requirements and by the next year it was time for Kindergarten.

However they have since opened another public preschool for our location and my third child met all the requirements to send him, so we did. We’ve seen an incredible transformation in him, from the little boy he was before school to the little boy he is today. We are so proud of him and all his accomplishments this school year. He is our first to attend preschool and our first to graduate from it.


My youngest daughter knows everything that preschool has to offer, but we’re sending her because she’s begged all year to go to school and it will be nice to have to her in a learning environment and to see what school is all about. I know she will more than likely be ahead of most students there, unlike her brother when he went, she is already very intelligent.

As for our baby boy (well he’s not so much a baby now, but he’ll always be my baby.) He’ll be 3 this July and start school in August 2017. He’ll make preschool graduate number 3.

It’s definitely a very rewarding experience being a mother. I watch as they go from infants to toddlers, soaking up all the knowledge they possibly can. To going to preschool and transforming into such smart children, reading, writing, scribbling to drawing actual things, counting, rhyming, learning songs. I love every bit of watching them grow and learn. I love being there to inspire and help guide them and teach them all I can as well. Every day is a new experience, even as routine as our lives are, we always seem to learn something new or overcome a new obstacle together.


I’m so proud of my son, proud of all my children. I am so lucky to be their mom.


My First Preschool Graduate

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