Lego Obsessions

Who doesn’t love legos!?

I can remember playing with Duplo legos when I was young, but I never had the opportunity to play with the more intricate lego sets. As a mother, I have found that my children are absolutely obsessed with legos from their very first time being able to play with some, and I have grown to love them too! Now we gift legos to them just about every opportunity we get, just wait until Christmas. We already bought all 6 kids their Christmas presents and it’s mostly all legos for the older kids.

I have 3 children whose birthdays fall into the same week as my own (May 14, 15, 16 & 20). A lot of May birthdays, so we celebrated them all over the weekend. My oldest daughter got 3 sets of legos between her grandparents gift and our gift to her. Each one has many pieces and extensive instruction manuals.


Last night my 10 year old and I put together the Elves set she got. It took an hour to complete and I did not realize how complex and time consuming lego building actually was until that moment. But it was neat to watch as the instructions grew this blob of blocks into a neat little structured creation


My youngest daughter who actually turned 4 today, got a duplo set yesterday that she had been asking us to get her for an entire month. She was so excited to open that present.


She continues to put it together, take it apart and put it together all by herself and she loves it.


Even my son who is about to turn 5 got a little lego set for his birthday.



My husband and I wanted to build the kids a lego room but have since had a change of plans. For now we just help keep their sets organized and have bought them bins to keep them in so the pieces do not get mixed up. We’ve definitely turned into a lego household within the past year since our children are getting old enough to really play with them. I can admit myself that I think legos are pretty freaking neat. I think my husband and I may be equally excitable from them. We can’t even go into the store without having to walk down the lego aisles just to see if there are any we want to get next.

Lego Obsessions

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