Voodoo and Ragdolls

I have never attempted to make dolls before in my life. Last night I was looking at some of my crafting materials while throwing mismatch socks into a basket… ah ha!!! I’ve always wanted to make a sock doll. So I got everything I needed together and I started.

After finishing the doll I sewed a felt dress for her. While I was creating this neat little doll my youngest daughter comes in and lets out an ecstatic shriek, IS THAT MY NEW DOLL!? I said sure she is and handed her over. She adored her.

I couldn’t get her to put her down for the rest of the day which made the other children want dolls of their own. So away I went… working my fingers to death. lol

I had already made little  voodoo dolls for my own use, but decided I can always make more for me and so I added eyes and gave them to my oldest and middle sons.


So my next craft was to make my oldest daughter her own ragdoll and she sat and watched as she was created. Here’s a picture of the girls and their ragdolls below (excuse my daughter’s pizza sauce face she had just run away from the table to take a picture with her sister)


The girls didn’t mind that their dolls were bald. But after I showed them the yarn I did have here already, they just wanted them to have it. So here is the transformation from bald dollies, to some yarn hair. (this was my first ever attempt at something like this, it’s a learning progress)


After I did the hair, I had been thinking of mermaids, which of course led me to start making one. A zombie one.

I took a picture of the voodoo man, zombie mermaid and the green monster.


I definitely see more dolls in my future. I love creating them. They are so cute, or at least I think so anyways and the kids LOVE THEM!


The fairy ragdoll I made my step-daughter per her request. She loves it.


Our girls had endless fun with their dolls all weekend long.IMG_5730

Voodoo and Ragdolls

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