5 Reasons I love Summer

I know it’s not technically summer yet, but we’re getting there right? I’m really looking forward to the memories we’re going to make this summer.


1. No School
It’s both crazy and relaxing to have the kids home for the summer. I still have to wake up pretty early most mornings anyways. Some days though they decide to sleep in. They can pretty much be free and play and learn at their own pace doing whatever they want to do whether it’s reading, watching movies, playing with each other with their toys or dolls, building stuff, being creative, etc. They stay super busy and we don’t have as strict of a schedule to follow as when they’re in school. Since the kids have been out of school we’ve been able to dedicate a lot more time to being outdoors.

2. Outdoor Fun
There just seems to be more enjoyable time spent outside during the summer than any other season, not to mention the days seem longer (more day light hours and all). The kids would stay outside from morning to night if I let them, but some days are just so humid that it’s miserable. It is definitely nice to just be outside though, especially because thankfully we have a shady backyard and it takes the stuffiness out of the air a little bit. Plus side to a hot summer’s day… their Grandma has a pool!


3. Cookouts
Okay now we’ve been known to cook on the grill in the winter, but there is just something about summer that screams cookout!  Whether we are at home with just us and the kids or having a big family get together with my siblings, nieces and nephews. Memorial Day we had our first large family gathering of many more summer days.



4. Watermelon
There is a guilty pleasure to eating 5 or 9 pieces of watermelon alone every weekend. The kids love that stuff, we go through a watermelon every weekend. We have saved so many seeds from all the watermelon we’ve eaten so far because we want to plant as many as we can.

5. Swimming
This could fall under outdoor fun, but we have outdoor fun all year round. Swimming however, for us anyways, cannot be done all year round. So summer is definitely the time to enjoy the pool and we plan to every chance we get. My kids are water bugs, they stay in that pool until they are all pruned up and can’t feel their legs.

Summer just speaks beauty to me. It’s hot and miserable most days, but it’s also a sense of freedom and serenity. I love all the possibilities that come with it being Summer.

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5 Reasons I love Summer

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