Kids & Bird Watching

I’ve always been intrigued by birds since I was a child. They are such an incredible species and quite beautiful to watch. My grandparents used to have a hummingbird feeder and other bird feeders outside where they could view it from their dining room window. I enjoyed eating breakfast with them as we watched birds come and go. I remember they had bird books to help identify some they may not have known. Still to this day I love viewing birds in the wild and identifying the ones I’m familiar with.

We have chickens and 2 parakeets, among our family pets, but we love to watch the wildlife around our home. From the deer, squirrels, chipmunks and of course birds.

We already have a lot of beautiful birds in the neighborhood that we see come and go from our fountain, but I wanted to attract them even more to our own yard so I added a bird feeder. Ever since the first morning with the feeder it’s been a busy busy feeding frenzy. The kids and I have had a blast peeking out the window and seeing all our visitors. The kids and I are even going to build our own bird feeders to add.

So far we’ve seen Cardinals (both male and female), Bluejays, Crows (which hasn’t been common before), Chickadees, Mockingbird, and some that I’m not 100% sure I’ve identified correctly. [the bird on the pole I can’t seem to pinpoint, I thought it looked like a female bluejay, but I would need to get a better look next time]


We always try to capture any wild life photos we can in our yard and when we go on nature hikes and spend time in the woods. But I really wish I had a better camera to capture their image. Probably doesn’t help I’m snapping pictures through our blinds in the dining room so they don’t scare away.

5 Benefits I found for Bird Watching with my Kids

  1. Respect for nature and wildlife
  2. Teaching them what types of feed/seed attracts certain birds
  3. Helping them identify birds
  4. Involving them in a hobby together (quality time)
  5. Watching all the different birds come and go, adding beautiful wildlife to our yard.


Kids & Bird Watching

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