Sometimes it’s just hard to convince them

So the cool thing about being a mom to multiple children and not only that but an active aunt as well, is that I get to see a lot of crazy conversations between little people everyday. It’s actually quite fascinating to listen to them and experience how they interact on an intellectual level. It’s amazing the topics they discuss both debated and calmly.

On any given day of the week I have a household full of 5-8 kids. This morning I only had 5 (three of my own and my 2 nephews) So, today I was sitting closely and in ear range of my 4 year old daughter and soon to be 4 year old nephew. She was saying something about her mom and he was telling her that I was not her mom, that I was “Aunt Meredith”. This was a good couple minute argument and it got them a little heated. She persisted with “she is my mom!!” and he continued yelling “no she’s not!!” over and over again. Then to the much exasperated child she explained in a final sigh that I was her mom and his aunt and his mom was her aunt and his mom. He replied “Oh…” and that was the end of it.


I guess it is difficult in a sense for a child to comprehend that everyone would have their own mom and that in reference to the term mom it does not mean their mom persay.

This isn’t the first time a simple argument has arose from my bunch of kiddos, it seems like there are a series of disagreements over the course of a day. Sometimes it’s simple hardheadedness, sometimes it’s just the lack of truly understanding and sometimes it’s just to be a pain in their siblings ass because they know they can get under their skin. Either way  it got me to thinking that I would love to document some of their funny moments and even serious moments in a type of comic strip. Not expressing my best artistry. Just quick and for fun of course, but I’ll be adding them once a week on my Facebook like page Madhouse (a parenting page namely because I run a madhouse around here most days). It will help me both pay attention more to what they are saying as well as capture the moment the best I can.



Sometimes it’s just hard to convince them

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