Why I’ve chosen to homeschool on a schedule

I know a lot of parents who unschool and homeschool without a schedule. I panic when unorganized. I don’t function properly without a schedule and with a constant erratic system. I’ve chosen to homeschool on a schedule because it will help keep me and my daughter continue to revolve around the schedule around us, with the other kids in school and other things within our day to day.

The curriculum I chose for her is a complete 36 week lesson plan. I’ve scheduled her at 180 days with room for reviews and supplementing before the other children are out of school. Of course just because I’m doing it on a schedule does not mean I am rushing her. I plan to allow her the time she requires to catch up at her own pace. Simply because she may excel in one topic/subject and be behind in another. I will never force her to go onto another thing if she’s not ready.

She will be starting her schooling August 1st. The other kids will be getting up and ready for school at 7:00am Mon-Fri (when school starts August 10th) The other kids will be getting out at 2:45-3:00pm every day. I want her to be done with her work before the other kids come home to distract her. However, if she isn’t done, we’ll work on a quiet place for her to work.

I’ve organized all her notebooks, I’ve labeled her folders and binder. I’ve prepared my own folder and the academic books. I’m excited to be finally homeschooling. Something I’ve always dreamed of doing but never had the courage to do.


My soon to be 5th grader is now my homeschool guinea pig. We’re both excited and we know it’s going to involve a lot of love, sweat, tears within the fun and frustration that we know is sure to come.

She’s going to be learning:

Writing, Reading and Spelling
Social Studies
Physical Education

I’ve mailed out the NOI (notice of intent) for our state, Virginia, to the Public School Superintendent per the requirements. She is officially a homeschooler.


It’s definitely going to be quite the journey and we’re excited about it. I have five children, one of which is being homeschooled (my oldest) because I think she will benefit most from it. Has anyone else homeschooled only one child while having the others enrolled in regular school? Comment below, let me know how that went.

Why I’ve chosen to homeschool on a schedule

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