What I do to feel refreshed and focused

I use many home remedies when it comes to treating myself and my family. I have a morning routine that allows me to feel revitalized by a lemon sugar facial scrub I make myself to wake up my face, a cold shower or hot bath depending on my mood and of course who can forget coffee. A big role in my morning, but what do I do when none of these things seem to be working for me? I use one of my  favorite supplements  Freeman Formula Upgrade.


I wrote a short e-book explaining a little about the caffeine energy products versus the FF Upgrade product and you can access that e-book free right here EnergyShots(1)

If you don’t like the “crashes” of the other energy shots you’ve used or are currently using, then you should try FF Upgrade. One of my favorite things about it is that I can have the refreshing boost of energy and focus, makes me feel more alive and awake, without the crash that I’ve had with other brands I’ve tried. My husband and I also have used it to help with other ailments we may boast.

Other ailments we’ve used Upgrade for successfully.

  • Headaches/Migraines that I suffer from regularly
  • Fatigue when we just feel absolutely drained
  • Energy boost & focus to complete a specific task mentally or physically
  • Motivational energy boost when down with a cold


It really is a great product. You can find out for yourself by purchasing online through the Freeman Formula website or in person at the following NY stores.



***(This is NOT a paid advertisement. Freeman Formula is in no way affiliated with the e-book or this blog. The information I’ve shared is simply because we’ve personally tried this product and it worked for us, we just want to spread the word.)***

What I do to feel refreshed and focused

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