Do you know if the Law of Attraction is working for you?

I’ve been practicing the Law of Attraction for 15 years. Doesn’t seem like it’s been so long ago, but it’s been an interesting journey that I can explain with a few of my first hand experiences. It’s definitely a practice that needs your realization and focus to achieve, especially on a grander scale. When you find out that you really do have the power to manifest things in your life through the Law of Attraction, things just seem to flow.


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Remember: You cannot control the lives of others or their actions. You must be aware of your surrounding and the people you have involved in your life. As hard as it is to manifest your own positive intentions, the toxicity of others in your life can also halt positive results until you are back in a good vibrational harmony with yourself and the universe. You can however manifest the “right” people into your life, but you have to know when enough is enough with the people who do not make you feel good.


First of all – Harmony

I noticed that the more aligned I was with myself and the universe the more I saw the signs clearly that meant I was on the right path. These signs were given to me by putting people in my life who made me feel good about myself, helped me find love, led me to successes, finding financial abundance and even found greater happiness within myself and in life.

It almost feels magical, when things just flow positively, everything seems to unfold before your eyes and that continuous realization and harmony keeps me feeling good which brings more positive manifestations to life. It’s almost unstoppable.


Another is – Heightened Impulses

I have impulses that lead me to a strong feeling of intuition. I’ll end up getting jynxed yelled at me for saying the same thing at the same time as someone else. It would feel like I already knew what they were going to say and I’d just spit it out. I’d find myself thinking about someone and then they would call or text. This happens in many ways for me, I’ll bump into them at the grocery store, see them while driving down the road, sometimes depending on who it is will even surprisingly show up at my front door.

If I wanted an item whether it was lost or if I was just too “lazy” to get up and get it. I would sit down and focus on that item, in most cases it would come to me like a vision of where that item is… and strangely in a few instances of my laziness, my children would walk up to me with the thing I was thinking I wanted to get. Example: a pen, my purse, a bottle of water.

All of that is suppose to mean I am on the right vibrational path, which means the same for you. It’s the beginning of realizing the power of your intentions.


Seeing Your Spirit Guides

I love seeing wild rabbits and turtles. Sometimes people feel a connection with certain animals, possibly even from a young age. There is usually a certain animal that means something special to you and those are the ones that make me feel good. Perhaps that animal gives you feelings of happiness and peace, maybe even an object that reminds you of that animal.

For me when I was younger I had a hot pink rabbit foot keychain. It was my favorite and I felt it gave me good luck. I feel joy when I see a wild rabbit eating and hopping around in an open patch of grass, free and peaceful. Recently during a family hike we came across an old turtle shell that we brought home and put in the garden. Also any time I see a turtle in the road I immediately stop and put him on the other side where he was heading. Some people may have the same feeling from objects like a stone, feather or seashell. Whatever is personalized with you and your vibration.

When you are on the right vibrational path, you’ll be more likely to see more of these spirit guide animals or items. If you don’t know if you have one, you can do some meditation and search within yourself for your symbol.


Make a wish

I’ve believed this for years, my mother used to tell me to make a wish when it was 11:11. You’ve probably heard someone tell you to make a wish when the clock read 11:11 too. Well that’s because sequences of 1’s are suppose to mean that things are aligning and flowing into the right direction and that “wishes” are suppose to come true.

These wishes can easily be the manifestation of your intentions. I would see them almost daily both morning and night. It was like something drew my eyes to the clock, even if I went to sleep before 11, it was like I was jolted awake only to find the clock on 11:11. These numbers could be noticed anywhere though, not just a clock. I’ve seen them on license plates. I’ve seen it on TV. I’ve seen them on house numbers I’ve passed 11, 111, 1111. I’ve even seen it on receipts and in the paper. No matter where they are seen, know that it is a good sign that your attractions are working. You’re probably on the right path.

Where the Mind Goes, Money Flows

I found that when I am on the right vibrational path, money finds me. I’ve found money in some strange places over the years. Back when I used to waitress I was given a $100 tip on a $40 meal. Over the past three years I’ve found $10 in my car, $20 in a pair of jeans I hadn’t worn for 2 months, $30 in one of my notebooks, $5 in my couch cushions, $2 in my dryer. Sometimes it would be by spending less money than I was suppose to by something ringing up less or by a surprise discount. Even when bills end up less than expected is a form of money coming back to you.

Before long with positive intentions it could be cash given to you randomly or as a gift (this has happened to us as well) or by winning the lottery (which we have also done in small amounts). If you’ve experiences things similarly to this, then you were attracting and manifesting. When you express gratitude to the universe, you will attract more abundance no matter if you find a $1 or $100. Always be grateful and feel joy. The feeling of joy helps greatly with your vibrational path.


Do you know if the Law of Attraction is working for you?

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