Week 4 – 5th Grade Homeschool Lesson Plan

Language Arts

  • Parts of Speech. Discuss that words can either be nouns or verbs.
    Have child write 2 different sentences using: bat, watch, felt, mind, hit, answer, wash, pinch, drop, border, bark, laps. (can change end or tense if needed)
  • Distinguish subject pronouns from object pronouns.
  • Recognize possessive pronouns.
  • Proper nouns. (always capitalize)
    Grammar worksheet


List of 18 words
(arrow, buffalo, burro, chose, chrome, cloak, compose, cove, foam, gopher, grown, knowing, loan, loaves, roast, rows, soak, solo)
Spelling Worksheets
Spelling activities
Spelling Test



  • Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder
    Chapter Summaries (each day for reading)
    Discuss concept of reading for details.


  • Worksheets everyday
    Addition and Subtraction
  • Adding Inches & Feet, Ounces & Pounds, Minutes & Hours


  • Discuss echinoderms, take notes, have child draw three favorite echinoderms for science log.
  • Make identification cards for different echinoderms (use index cards) Include picture, description, habitat and usefulness to humans.
  • Glossary Terms: radial symmetry, endoskeleton, regeneration, vascular system, tube feet, rays and detritus.
  • Research Sponges, their habitat, take notes, have child draw detailed illustration for science log.

Social Studies

  • Read about the responsibilities and daily lives of Puritan children.
  • Read about crafts and toys from the colonial period (have child design their own simple toy for that era through drawing or crafting)
  • Read about the meals that were prepared in colonial period.
  • Read about the relationship between the early settlers and the Indians.


Week 4 – 5th Grade Homeschool Lesson Plan

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