Week 5 – 5th Grade Home School Lesson Plan

Language Arts

  • Write a radio commercial about a product. Make a plan and write rough draft.
  • Verb conjugation worksheet
  • Linking verbs worksheet
  • Helping verbs worksheet
  • Subject/verb agreement worksheet


List of 18 words
(argue, blue, confuse, due, duke, dune, excuse, include, issue, museum, plume, ruby, rude, statue, tissue, truth, tube, tulip)
Spelling Worksheets
Spelling activities
Spelling Test



  • Farmer Boy – Laura Ingalls Wilder
    Chapter Summaries (each day for reading)
    Different reading activities for chapters.
    Book Projects


  • Worksheets everyday
    Estimating differences, Opposite Operation of subtraction, Variables in subtractions.
  • Different math activities.


  • Mollusks – illustrate favorite mollusk and write a short story or poem.
  • Observe seashells and compare them on a chart.
  • Mollusks worksheets and research

Social Studies

  • Creative story about coming across a planet already colonized and how you would encounter them peacefully.
  • Research more on Southern Colonies
  • Write about the beginnings of African-American heritage.
  • Write about the key contributions and impact of the Southern Colonies and how things would have been different without slavery.
Week 5 – 5th Grade Home School Lesson Plan

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