Week 9 – Review Week 5th Grade Home School Lesson Plan

Language Arts

  • Teach child how to use a picture as inspiration for a story.
  • Review vocabulary-building activities
  • Review figurative language, have child define metaphor – similie – hyperbole – idiom.
  • Review irregular and regular verbs, action verbs, and state-of-being verbs. Complete worksheet.
  • Write a story about their favorite mammal, it can be fiction or non-fiction, must include the parts of Language in review.


List of 18 words
(Gather 18 words from the previous weeks, I chose words she had difficulty with)
Spelling Worksheets
Spelling activities
Spelling Test



  • Addie’s Dakota Winter by Laura Lawlor.
    (we substituted a book because our library didn’t carry this)
    Chapter Summaries (each day for reading)
    Different reading activities for chapters.
    Pronouns and discussions
    Book Projects


  • Worksheets everyday
    Multiplication. Multiplication Opposites. Timed Multiplication.
  • Math test on first quarter math.


  • Mammals
  • Science worksheets and activities every day.

Social Studies

  • Continued topic Revolutionary War
  • Different worksheets and discussions on the battles, weapon accuracy and what role women played in the war.
Week 9 – Review Week 5th Grade Home School Lesson Plan

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