Week 11 – 5th Grade Home School Lesson Plan

I’ve included her Report Card here for the first 9 weeks! She’s doing great and her grade average shows it! I’m very proud of her.


Language Arts

  • Write 5 sentences about what is being learned in social studies. Then write related questions relative to the statements.
  • Watch a video with a conversation. Have your child write the conversation using the correct punctuation and explain if it’s statement, questions, commands or exclamations.
  • Review subjects and predicates – Worksheets


List of 18 words
(ancestor, attempt, central, definition, enforce, festival, generally, genuine, legend, medicine, necessary, pedal, reference, residence, section, sentence, temperature, tennis)
Spelling Worksheets
Spelling activities
Spelling Test



  • The Cay by Theodore Taylor
    (substituted because the library did not have this book, per usual it seems) Ugh frustrating!
  • Worksheets and activities


  • Worksheets everyday
    Division, Division Facts, Zeros in the Quotient


  • Plant Kingdom
  • Forests & Trees
    A study of the forest floor, Parts of a tree (worksheets)
  • Science worksheets and activities every day.

Social Studies

  • The Constitution
  • Study the Preamble to the Constitution. Have child learn to memorize it through song.
  • Different worksheets and discussions on the Government, separation of powers, checks and balances.
Week 11 – 5th Grade Home School Lesson Plan

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