Perfect Treats for the Family

I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to try some products I’ve never used before and to even get the familiar products we  love to review on.

I’ve received my first TastyVoxBox via Influenster for free and I was thrilled to discover what was inside and begin my reviews.


Tasty VoxBox Included:

1- Full size bottle of Frank’s Red Hot Original Hot Sauce
1- Full size can of French’s Crispy Fried Onions2- Yogi Tea Bags
1- Bag of Kashi Dark Cocoa Power – Plant Shake
2- Packets of Splenda Naturals (Sugar Substitute)
1- Country Crock Recipe
Coupon for Country Crock and Smart Ones



Now I’m still in the process of testing these products, but I’ve gotten a few under way already.

Splenda Natuals
I’ve had pre-existing experience with this product and though it’s not my go-to, it’s tolerable to me in some instances, like for instance running out of coffee creamer. I enjoyed a cup of coffee with milk and Splenda last night to quench my craving. It’s definitely an acquired taste in my opinion, especially when you are used to using granulated sugar.


Frank’s Red Hot

This was already one of my favorite hot sauce brands. My husband and I pretty much can put hot sauce on everything. Chili, BBQ, Pizza, Stews, Tacos, Quesadillas, etc. It’s the perfect amount of spicy with excellent flavor. We love it.


French’s Crispy Fried Onions

My husband and I enjoy these on many things. Him and the kids can eat them straight out of the can. Hubby also likes them on Green Bean Casserole. We also eat them on our hamburgers, inside our diced home-style potatoes and mixed with green peppers for steak toppings. Today I enjoyed them on top of my BBQ burger sliders!


Country Crock

We use this for oiling a pan prior to cooking to add great flavor to food. I’ve also used it in baking and absolutely love the easement of it’s packaging and the flavor it brings out in our treats. I’ll have to use the coupon to get some more because when using it for baking and cooking a lot, it doesn’t last long here. I’ll probably bake some holiday cookies soon!


The other items in the box I’ve never tried but will definitely get around to them so I can review them for this campaign with Influenster. I’m glad I got the chance to help spread the word and get some of these product names out there. For those who are already fans, cool; If you’re just discovering some of them like I am, I hope you’ll continue to try new things as I do!


Perfect Treats for the Family

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