Week 18 – 5th Grade Home School Lesson Plan

Language Arts

  • Building Vocabulary
  • Verb Pairs
  • Confusing Words
    (Worksheets all week)


List of 18 words
(Select words from the past 8 weeks that your child had trouble with)
Spelling Worksheets
Spelling activities
Spelling Test



  • The War with Grandpa by: Robert Kimmel Smith
  • Worksheets and activities


  • Worksheets everyday
  • Graphs, Double-Line Graphs
  • Review Place Value and Basic Mathematics
  • Review concepts of geometry
  • Second Quarter Test


  • Review Science – Plant Glossary
  • Science worksheets and Test

Social Studies

  • Continue discussion about Texas
  • Read about Presidents up to Lincoln and social reform in the nineteenth century.
  • Continue reading about early presidents
  • Make copy of United States Map, have your child color the successive expansions of the country in different colors. Thirteen Colonies (1776), Post-Revolution (1783), Louisiana Purchase (1803), British Cession (1818), Florida (1819), Texas (1845), Oregon Country (1846), Mexican Cession (1848), Gadsden Purchase (1853), Alaskan Territory (1867) and Hawaii Territory (1898).
  • Worksheets and Discussions and Activities
Week 18 – 5th Grade Home School Lesson Plan

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