I really don’t like snow

I can remember being young and liking going outdoors and playing in the snow. I also remember growing out of it. I was born in upstate New York where snow was inevitable. My family migrated… yes, migrated… south to southern Virginia when I was seven years old. The winters down here are so mild in comparison.

Down here when they call for 2-3″ the stores are flooded with patrons and there is short supply if any supply of bread, milk, eggs left. We just got hit with 7 inches on Saturday and 3 days prior I was trying to get bread for the house because we run out fast and the store was empty Wednesday & Thursday. We have 7 people here all the time plus extra kids around too when I have our 2 nephews and this past weekend was our weekend with my husband’s daughter. Finally though on Friday night, we managed to get bread.

This is 5am Saturday morning.

On top of getting all this snow, we also got issues with ice. The residential roads are still not all clear today (Tuesday). They closed schools yesterday and today. The kids haven’t been back yet since they got out for Winter Break. I’m sure tomorrow they will though. We had to go out yesterday and when we got back we were not able to get my van back in the driveway, so we had to walk all 5 kids up the ice and make it inside. Only 2 fell and my youngest daughter (4) was NOT to pleased with getting snow all over her bare hands. She cried the entire way tot he front door.

Over the snowy weekend, the kids were split up so they could each enjoy their time. My 4 year old daughter went to my mom’s before the snow hit and spent 2 nights at her grandma’s while she was snowed in. She played outside and had a good time. My older 2 boys (8 & 5) went to their grandparent’s to spend majority of their time outside playing on the sled track they had built at the neighbors and having a blast. I love that they have so much fun with their grandparents. I enjoy seeing them so happy. My youngest son (3) was sick so he could not go outside to play. Our older girls (11 & 10) played outside all of 20 minutes on Saturday and didn’t want to go back out since. I definitely couldn’t blame them. I don’t like being out in that mess either.

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I’m hoping this is the last snow of the season, but it probably won’t be. I just get so fed up with the crazy that comes with the weather and being trapped at home. I do however love seeing the joy on their faces when they see the snow finally come, it reminds me of when I was little and we moved here with so little snow, when we did get it, it just felt magical.



I really don’t like snow

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