Celebrating Earth

We love the outdoors and enjoying everything the Earth has to naturally give us year round. On Earth Day this year we took the kids to the museum for an event they were having.


They got to make little bug catching cups that could hang around their necks and they got bug tattoos

and did little animal/insect crafts.

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We stopped by the plant table but because of the drive home being over 30 minutes long we didn’t want to risk the soil cups dumping over in the van. We also stopped by the table discussing the Sun safety and what it does for our planet, about the eclipse coming up in August and how to watch it, and of course more tattoos.


In between going table to table the kids wanted to walk through and look at the museum things. Nothing had changed from the last time we came, but they still enjoyed walking through.


We have many more outdoors plans this year and I got a new camera, so there will be a ton of great pictures I look forward to taking.

My flowers are blooming beautifully at home and they make the front patio smell nice when the breeze hits just right.

Look at these adorable little guys (Yellow Bellied Sliders), ready for a feeding, they all gather when I walk by and all I can think of is “Feed me Seymour” (Little Shop of Horrors)… then “mine, mine, mine” (Finding Nemo) as they are chasing down the pellets.


Celebrating Earth

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