Why Chewy.com is actually perfect for us


I don’t always have my thinking cap on really tight. Sometimes, more than I like to admit, I feel like things just slip my mind. People call it the “mom fog” or “mom brain”. Well in my case that’s very likely. Seems like I’m more and more forgetful lately. Doctors say stress causes problems with memory, so that could easily be it.

I couldn’t tell you how many times I thought I’d be okay running to the store with my short list fresh on my mind. Then coming home after spending 2 hours shopping, only to realize the main reason I even went to the store I had forgotten. How is that even possible!? As I’m scolding myself for being so “dumb”. I try to hide my frustration from the kids but they sense it and some days they definitely see where I don’t hide it all too well.

I’ve even tried doing the whole shopping list thing. I’ll write the list and put it in my purse or pocket and then get to the store and completely forget it exists. Or on the worst days, forget to even put something on the list if I do manage to remember to look at it. After about 2 trips to the store 2 days in a row, forgetting to pick up dog food. I had definitely had it. How do we both keep forgetting!? I’m asking my husband.


Later in the evening while we were watching TV, I happened to see the Chewy.comdogfood commercial come on. 20% off your first order they said. I thought “Hey I’m gonna check out their site.” So I typed it in and looked at their different brands. We buy a specific kind grain free and no fillers. We like real meat product to be the main ingredients. So I found one on there that was actually 10 more lbs than we’ve been buying for the same price and all the same ingredients as we’ve been using. So then I found a similar food type for our cat who we also feed grain-free and meat as the main ingredients. I found his for a few dollars more than we’ve been paying but for way more food weight. We feed 3 dogs and 1 cat, so good quality and enough food to last at least a month is appealing to us big time.

We were paying $34.44 for a 30lb bag of dog food a month.
We were paying $6.68 for 3.5lb bag of cat food a month.

cat food

I got FREE shipping and 20% off on my first order. So all together I spent $34.77, which is about the SAME amount as ONE bag of dog food that I had been buying from the store every month. It was an AWESOME deal because we also got the cat food. Even without the 20% our subtotal comes to $50, which gives us FREE SHIPPING every order (Free shipping if over $49). We’re only spending $47.78 total after autoship discount, which is less than $5.00 more that we used to spend a month, but for a 40 lb bag of dog food and a 5 lb bag of cat food. That is a larger quantity of food and cheaper than what is available to us locally for the kind that we prefer. I set it up to automatically pay for and ship us the same order every 5 weeks. I like how you can personalize it to how often you need it delivered. It definitely will keep us from forgetting it and now it’s one less thing to stress about and it’s well worth it for us.

Benefits of having it shipped to us instead of going to the store include but are not limited to:

  1. Being forgetful and coming home without pet food.
  2. Going to the store with 6 children and having to find room for a 30lb bag of dog food among the other random things in the cart.
  3. Lifting the pet food off the shelf, into the cart, out of the cart, into the car, out of the car and into the house. That’s lifting the bag 6 times in less than an hour.
  4. My husband just had spinal surgery and is still recovering and he can’t lift 10 lbs let alone a 30-40 lb bag of dog food. So with myself doing all the heavy lifting around here, I’d prefer it to be shipped to me so I only have to lift it once or twice while bringing it into the house and then putting it where it goes.
  5. Larger quantity allows me to “shop” less frequently because it lasts longer.
  6. Great product, affordable, easy to navigate website, and convenient.

dog food

This is a real life experience and genuine review. This is not a paid advertisement. I was not paid by or coerced by Chewy.com to make this. This is one animal owner giving mad props to Chewy.com for the great experience I’ve had so far with their company.




Why Chewy.com is actually perfect for us