The Cutest Bows Right to Your Door!

So I love mail, packages and what have you. I do a lot of my shopping online and I have a lot of mail subscriptions. One of my more recent discoveries since having a baby girl, Little Poppy Co.

A 3 bow a month subscription for only $11.99/month!
(When my 4 year old was a baby I bought custom made bows online all the time and spent up to $8-$10 a piece on them. If you do the math on this subscription you’re only spending about $4 a piece)

The link below will take you to their website where you can sign up for your subscription using my referral.

Having a baby girl!? You can get your first month FREE just pay shipping!

Did you know that moms to be of baby girls and new moms with a baby girl under 1 month old, get a month free when they make a new post to Instagram with a shoutout to Little Poppy Co in the following context:

“Hey @littlepoppyco , It’s a girl!! #littlepoppycobowsformybabe ”

little poppy co

Want more free bows? After you’ve signed up for your monthly Little Poppy Co. bow subscription, refer your friends! It’s that easy.

I’ve signed up just in time for their MAY bows, so here’s a peek at those. Orders for the following month ship 25th-28th of each month, so if you want these May bows you have to sign up quick! They have clips or nylon bands to choose from.



DISCLAIMER: These opinions are my own. I am not affiliated with this company and not paid to promote this business in any way.

The Cutest Bows Right to Your Door!

How much love do you want?

I’m a big fan of custom artisan work. I love the creativity and beauty in the products of these artists. I adore walking through farmers markets and festivals and looking at all the work other people do. All the time and dedication in each piece. It’s incredible and inspiring. Of course artisan work is going to be more costly than the mass-produced products you find in the common department stores, but being handmade and covering costs and at least some time, it’s to be expected and should be appreciated.

One of my favorites is where I buy my custom jewelry MADE WITH LOVE BY LAURETTE
(affiliate link) Her jewelry is one of kind and truly made with love. I love browsing all of her creations because it’s magnificent how beautiful all her pieces are. They make great gifts for yourself, friends and family for any occasion. I love my bracelets from her and I wear them all the time. Every time I put them on I think about how neat they are and how much time and effort went into making them. It makes me appreciate them that much more.

She doesn’t stop at just bracelets. There are earrings, necklaces, awareness, and even cremation/memorial jewelry also. She can even make custom matching sets! Her work is just great. You can check her out at the link above or below. I’m sharing purely based on the love of her work and wanting to help make it seen because it is beautiful.

Made With Love Etsy
Made With Love Facebook

How much love do you want?

Made With Love – Custom Jewelry

My birthday is in 9 days and my hubby had ordered me a custom piece of jewelry that I just had to have! It’s made from beautiful exotic wood and I absolutely love the coloring….


I ordered it custom made from Timber Treasure Troves / Made With Love By Laurette (according to the size of my wrist where I’d wear it, which I preferred snug). It’s cuff style, so I would suggest sizing the circumference of your arm/wrist at least 3  inches down from your palm.

There are many other types and styles of jewelry available on Timber Treasure Troves / Made With Love By Laurette’s Etsy Store.

One of which styles, is the memory wire bracelet, that hubby had customized for Mother’s Day in secret. Though I admire his attempt to be undiscovered, I found out he ordered it, I just don’t know what it’s going to look like and that will be the surprise. I’ll be receiving it this Sunday for Mother’s Day and once I have photos I’ll be updating here.


Here’s the picture of my mother’s day bracelet. It’s my favorite colors, it has our initials stamped on a heart and also has all 6 kid’s (step-daughter included) birthstone colors in order of oldest to youngest in the center (July, May, December, May, May, July). It’s beautiful and I love it!!


I’ve also ordered 2 other memory wire bracelets (anniversary and mother’s day) in 2013 from Made With Love by Laurette. They’ve withstood much wear and life with 3 small wild children. I absolutely love the styles, the creatively and craftsmanship behind the finished pieces they have.


Made With Love – Custom Jewelry