There is Always so Much More to Discover.

I’ve always wanted to travel and experience new places. My dreams were not so far fetched, or so I thought. I considered that since my dreams were within my own country they would be more realistic. That I could just get a map, close my eyes, point and then go, but alas, it’s not simply that easy. At least not for me.

I’ve lived in the same area for 20 years now and I’ve done some visiting of other states, I even lived at a beach in Florida briefly, yet where I am has always been “home” to me.

I’m not saying I want to go run off and live somewhere else, but I know there’s a possibility to just fall in love with somewhere else. I know I don’t know everything or every place out there, I’m sure no one really does. There could be a perfect town or city just waiting for you, but you’d never know because you’ve never been. Some people don’t ever get to leave where they are and I don’t want that to be me.

I’m a mom, my husband and I have a large family. We do a lot of “adulting” so to speak, and sometimes feels like we have so much responsibility to where we are that we don’t make traveling a priority.  I would love to be able to go further than just 5 hours away and actually see different things, not the same old things all the time.

I want to see monuments, I want to see natural sights, I want to visit all the “largests and smallests” along the way, I want to know what all the fuss is about for different areas that are the “must sees”, I want to try as many little diner/dives that I can find. There is so much out there to see and I only have one time around to see it.

We bought an RV because I thought it’d be perfect for our large family and that we’d be able to travel with it, yet for nearly a year it’s sat parked with only taking it once to visit a lake 2 hours away. There are moments when I’m like this was such a waste, but then I get sad thinking of getting rid of it. It feels like LIFE just gets in the way sometimes; work, school, pets, money, scheduling. Not to mention how difficult it is to go anywhere without excessive planning, especially with a family our size. It will happen though, eventually. We will travel more!

I was on Facebook this morning and came across this site MapLoco that allows you to create a map of the states you’ve been. That’s when I knew for sure, we will go to each one even if it takes years to do it.

Here’s my map of states I’ve visited:


You can create your own map here:

I collect magnets and pennies everywhere I go. Not just the states, but places within the states. Regrettably, I didn’t always have the opportunity to get a magnet or penny from some places I went. One day though, I would love to have a huge collection of these. I love to create the memories.



There is Always so Much More to Discover.

Do you know if the Law of Attraction is working for you?

I’ve been practicing the Law of Attraction for 15 years. Doesn’t seem like it’s been so long ago, but it’s been an interesting journey that I can explain with a few of my first hand experiences. It’s definitely a practice that needs your realization and focus to achieve, especially on a grander scale. When you find out that you really do have the power to manifest things in your life through the Law of Attraction, things just seem to flow.


(I do not reserve the rights to the photos I’ve included. They were found through Google)

Remember: You cannot control the lives of others or their actions. You must be aware of your surrounding and the people you have involved in your life. As hard as it is to manifest your own positive intentions, the toxicity of others in your life can also halt positive results until you are back in a good vibrational harmony with yourself and the universe. You can however manifest the “right” people into your life, but you have to know when enough is enough with the people who do not make you feel good.


First of all – Harmony

I noticed that the more aligned I was with myself and the universe the more I saw the signs clearly that meant I was on the right path. These signs were given to me by putting people in my life who made me feel good about myself, helped me find love, led me to successes, finding financial abundance and even found greater happiness within myself and in life.

It almost feels magical, when things just flow positively, everything seems to unfold before your eyes and that continuous realization and harmony keeps me feeling good which brings more positive manifestations to life. It’s almost unstoppable.


Another is – Heightened Impulses

I have impulses that lead me to a strong feeling of intuition. I’ll end up getting jynxed yelled at me for saying the same thing at the same time as someone else. It would feel like I already knew what they were going to say and I’d just spit it out. I’d find myself thinking about someone and then they would call or text. This happens in many ways for me, I’ll bump into them at the grocery store, see them while driving down the road, sometimes depending on who it is will even surprisingly show up at my front door.

If I wanted an item whether it was lost or if I was just too “lazy” to get up and get it. I would sit down and focus on that item, in most cases it would come to me like a vision of where that item is… and strangely in a few instances of my laziness, my children would walk up to me with the thing I was thinking I wanted to get. Example: a pen, my purse, a bottle of water.

All of that is suppose to mean I am on the right vibrational path, which means the same for you. It’s the beginning of realizing the power of your intentions.


Seeing Your Spirit Guides

I love seeing wild rabbits and turtles. Sometimes people feel a connection with certain animals, possibly even from a young age. There is usually a certain animal that means something special to you and those are the ones that make me feel good. Perhaps that animal gives you feelings of happiness and peace, maybe even an object that reminds you of that animal.

For me when I was younger I had a hot pink rabbit foot keychain. It was my favorite and I felt it gave me good luck. I feel joy when I see a wild rabbit eating and hopping around in an open patch of grass, free and peaceful. Recently during a family hike we came across an old turtle shell that we brought home and put in the garden. Also any time I see a turtle in the road I immediately stop and put him on the other side where he was heading. Some people may have the same feeling from objects like a stone, feather or seashell. Whatever is personalized with you and your vibration.

When you are on the right vibrational path, you’ll be more likely to see more of these spirit guide animals or items. If you don’t know if you have one, you can do some meditation and search within yourself for your symbol.


Make a wish

I’ve believed this for years, my mother used to tell me to make a wish when it was 11:11. You’ve probably heard someone tell you to make a wish when the clock read 11:11 too. Well that’s because sequences of 1’s are suppose to mean that things are aligning and flowing into the right direction and that “wishes” are suppose to come true.

These wishes can easily be the manifestation of your intentions. I would see them almost daily both morning and night. It was like something drew my eyes to the clock, even if I went to sleep before 11, it was like I was jolted awake only to find the clock on 11:11. These numbers could be noticed anywhere though, not just a clock. I’ve seen them on license plates. I’ve seen it on TV. I’ve seen them on house numbers I’ve passed 11, 111, 1111. I’ve even seen it on receipts and in the paper. No matter where they are seen, know that it is a good sign that your attractions are working. You’re probably on the right path.

Where the Mind Goes, Money Flows

I found that when I am on the right vibrational path, money finds me. I’ve found money in some strange places over the years. Back when I used to waitress I was given a $100 tip on a $40 meal. Over the past three years I’ve found $10 in my car, $20 in a pair of jeans I hadn’t worn for 2 months, $30 in one of my notebooks, $5 in my couch cushions, $2 in my dryer. Sometimes it would be by spending less money than I was suppose to by something ringing up less or by a surprise discount. Even when bills end up less than expected is a form of money coming back to you.

Before long with positive intentions it could be cash given to you randomly or as a gift (this has happened to us as well) or by winning the lottery (which we have also done in small amounts). If you’ve experiences things similarly to this, then you were attracting and manifesting. When you express gratitude to the universe, you will attract more abundance no matter if you find a $1 or $100. Always be grateful and feel joy. The feeling of joy helps greatly with your vibrational path.


Do you know if the Law of Attraction is working for you?

10 Weird and Funny Kid Experiences from our family


66afb94219c7995fc79569e0438476be1. Opened a can of worms!

My (7 year old) son demanded I eat a worm, when I refused he persisted. So I told him I would if he did it first. Of course I was thinking he’d give up and I’d be off scott-free. Needless to say I didn’t win that bet and I ended up having a worm for an appetizer.

photo via wikia



37521389_a4d538c411790160232. I want to be like Daddy.

I walked in on my (four year old) daughter in her room with no shirt on, pinching her nipples. I yelped “Girl what are you doing!?!?” and she replied “I want earrings here like daddy, I was seeing if it hurt.” Oh my goodness I could not stop laughing.

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raccoon-garbage3. Trash Mouth

My (2 year old) son was walking around chewing on something but every time I’d get him to open his mouth nothing would be there. I had no food out and there was nothing he could get into, or so I thought. After a while I caught him in the kitchen, eating scraps out of the trash can. Ewww! I said “why are you eating out of the trash?” and he said “still good”.

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602265524. Silly Kid

I woke up one morning to find our 10 year old daughter sleeping under the bunk beds with a pillow and blanket. I woke her up to put her on the bottom bunk and when I questioned her about it later  her response was “This is my home now, can I sleep there again tonight?” I chuckled and said “No, you’re sleeping on the bed.”

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funny-picture-boobs-baby-tost5. Boob Fascination

When our daughter was a little over a year old she had a boob obsession. She used to go up to family and even strangers and point to their breasts and tell them “I like your booboo’s!” (that is what she called boobs). It was slightly embarrassing, but looking back it is funny.

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51762220ba473a63fd050b52b94feb466. Rude

We were riding in the car one day and my husband and I were talking. One of the kids in the back kept interrupting us so I said “stop being rude”, immediately following my (3 year old) daughter breaks out singing “Why you gotta be so rude?” (by Magic) It was hysterical.

photo via rude board on pinterest





index7. Pet Pig

One night at dinner my (5 year old) son said “If we get a farm I want to have a pet pig” and I asked him why? He said “So I can call him Sausage.” He had such a serious face and we couldn’t help but to burst out in laughter.

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strangerdanger8. Stranger Danger

We’ve gone over it for 3 years and it’s still taking the younger kids time to understand. One grocery store visit my (4 year old) daughter starts talking to a stranger (but they didn’t really reply other than a wave). Our (5 year old) son snaps at her “Stop talking to strangers”, and she said back “but they won’t talk to me”. He said “that’s because you’re a stranger and you’re not suppose to talk to strangers, so they won’t talk to you.” That’s incredible logic from a five year old. It did strike me funny at the time, but it’s more serious. We’re still working on it but I’m glad he’s finally catching on.

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Rocking Chair
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9. Bizarre Sight

When my daughter was 3 years old she was showing us that the two rocking chairs on the porch were rocking back and forth slightly. When we asked her why she was showing us, she said “because they wanted me to.” We said “who wanted you to?” and she said “grandma guy and poppy.” We got chills and didn’t say anything else about it. Grandma Guy died before she was born so she didn’t know her let alone know what she looked like and poppy had been passed for maybe around 6 months (she knew him). A few weeks later the family was going through some old family photos from when my grandparents and parents were young and we were kids. My daughter pointed to one of the pictures and said “that’s the lady from the rocking chair with Poppy.” It was Grandma Guy. We just stared at each other with our jaws dropped.



RYl0H10. Toothless

When our son was six years old he coincidentally  had 4 loose teeth in front at one time. He asked my husband to pull one and then kept coming back to him to pull the others. They came out easily and he was glad to have them out. He came up to me with his almost toothless grin and I couldn’t help but to say “oh my if you lose anymore teeth right now you’ll need dentures!”

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These stories are all original “You’re kidding me” segments from our real family experiences shared for your entertainment. Thank you for reading our Weird and Funny kid experiences, brought to you by Inside the Stones blog @

weird and funny

10 Weird and Funny Kid Experiences from our family

Being an involved step-parent

I’m the biological mother to 5 beautiful children who live with me and my husband. My husband has 2 biological children who live with their mother. So together we have 7 children. My husband and I do not have any biological children together of our own, but we are raising these children together and show them unconditional love and treat them all as equal.

My husband and I have been living together going on 3 years this November. My four youngest children started calling him daddy on their own around 2-3 months after we moved in together. He was the constant in their lives and their biological dad wasn’t around often if at all. My oldest daughter however, called him by his first name. In reference to him as daddy only to her siblings. Over the past year she’s called him daddy or dad herself from time to time but would catch herself or sometimes not realize it at all. She asked us on a few occasions if she had to call him dad ever, we simply told her she never had to call him dad if she didn’t want to but that he was her step-dad.

Recently she told us that she was going to start calling him Dad because she felt like she was ready to. She said he is everything she ever dreamed a dad should be like, they have an amazing father-daughter bond and she understands his role in her life. We had a long emotional 2 hour conversation with both girls one night discussing such topic.

The similar thing was happening with my step-daughter (which visits our home as  much as we can possibly get her, every other weekend, shared holidays and school breaks), she told me that she wanted to call me mom but asked first if it was okay. I told her that if she felt she wanted to call me that then by all means she could. Prior the conversation and after the girls have been referring to him as Dad and me as Mom and it just flows. Things are going smoothly and even though it’s still new for us to hear it come out of their mouths, it’s actual quite pleasant because we know they are old enough to understand these terms and what they mean and that us as opposite step-parents to these children have provided them with enough warmth and love and nurturing that they feel as though they can and should call us that. It’s heartfelt and it really brings a smile to my face.

The only down-side to their new decision (which is what they said themselves) is they feel like they can’t call us those things in front of their other biological parent/family. They don’t want to hurt or make the other parent angry at them for calling us Mom or Dad. I can see their concern, I really can. I’ve dealt with it before with my children and my husband and my oldest and my ex-husband. It is a very emotional subject. We are not replacing their biological parent at all in any way, but we are also a very involved parent albeit Step or not. I feel like if they want to be able to call us what they want to call us is fair to them, they are 10 and 11 years old, they know and understand who is who and what roles we play in their lives.

Everything we do, we do for these children. My husband treats my (our) kids as his own no matter what and I treat his (our) kids as my own no matter what. Our  love is equal whether they are “blood” or not. These children are our lives.


Being an involved step-parent

Our Life Beyond the Screens

As a child I was mostly outside. I enjoyed using my imagination, creating my own fun and living what I felt like was a nice way of life. Occasionally watching TV and enjoying movies when we didn’t feel like going outside. I was raised in a time where technology was just beginning to “over-run” us. My cassette collection was being turned over to CDs and eventually even those became non-existent to me. We had small flip phones (my dad had one of those old Nokia’s) and hours of time for “free” calls, now there are smart phones bigger than a 4×5 picture frame and a lot of unlimited data plans. My VHS collection turned to DVD and then BluRay. We now stream a lot of our movies and shows on Netflix because it’s easier to pay a subscription than to go out and build an old fashioned movie collection like we all used to have (even though I still buy some of our favorites). My dial-up was replaced by Cable and internet became The Thing of our lives. Years and years to pass and our new generation has been born into a world of technology, whereas my generation was in the middle… it gradually came upon us as we transitioned into the change. For them, it’s first nature. For us, we remember the good old days where our fun was hands on and not face deep in a screen.


It’s pretty much impossible to raise my children in this world without technology when it is all around us in our every day lives. From the grocery store to restaurants, in the public library and of course in their schools. I’m not one of those ‘ban technology nutcases’, but I am one of those  parents who limits screen time a lot. It’d be impossible to shut technology out of their lives completely. I know there are parents out there that do choose to live close to or completely without technology in their own home and that’s fine too. Everyone has the right to choose what to have their children around.

I’m not going to pretend that I don’t enjoy just lounging around binge watching Netflix or checking my Facebook or doing online research, or even playing my video game. I’m fond of having the luxury of my cable, internet and other electronics. Can I live without them? Of course. Once in 2014 I didn’t like that I had become glued to my phone, constantly in my hand or back pocket turning it on checking for notifications and things that were irrelevant, so I turned it off for 7 months. It was liberating. I didn’t get online everyday, I didn’t text constantly and I wasn’t attached to my phone. When I finally decided to turn it back on, it took a while to get used to having a phone again. I’d end up leaving it at home or forget it someplace in the house and not find it until the next day. Whereas before, it was never out of my sight. I use a similar method with my children, when we turn off the electronics.

Of course we love our movies, games, TV, computer, etc and that’s fine. Who doesn’t love to just relax and do NOTHING but maybe watch some favorite shows, movies or play a game! Do we spend all of our time on these things? No, definitely not. One thing about us is we have a large family (family of 8) so everyone isn’t always willing to do whatever it is that everyone else is doing. Sometimes it is difficult to find something to please everyone. This is where certain diversity comes in for something to do when we’re not doing any of our usual family things or if it’s a lazy day.

We have several TVs (capable of DVDs/BluRays, Netflix and 2 with Cable) where the kids can have something on that a few of them are willing to watch, but for the most part, the TVs are literally ignored and it ends up being background noise. My husband and I do have an Xbox One that we use for Netflix and our games (that we rarely get to play). My oldest has a laptop and phone that she may get on once or twice a week just to talk to her dad or type one of her books she’s writing (she wants to be an Author).

I’ve never been the mother to let her kids mess around with my phone or own a video game system that we let kids use (destructive as they are), they didn’t even know how to play on video games until they learned how to play on a game system away from our home (family, etc). One day I took all the kids to their Pediatric Dentist office (where they have 2 game systems). There was another small family waiting too and the secretary came out to ask if my kids and theirs wanted to play on it while they waited, the 2 kids from the other family said “Yes!” and before I knew it mine were telling her “we aren’t allowed to play video games”. I quickly studied the face of the other mother who made a glance at me as though she thought I was implying that she was a bad parent because she let her kids play one. That is definitely NOT the case and I didn’t want anyone to think that I thought I was better than anyone else, so from then on… I let the older kids play on the video game when they go to the dentist.

I finally bought myself a tablet the other month to read books on and the younger kids started to want to play games on it.I told them no repeatedly but after million times being asked I finally looked up some educational games for the tablet that they could play and learn at the same time with. So I downloaded a few for them to play (different age range learning games) and a few times a week they are allowed to take turns playing on it and it’s educational. Usually it becomes more of an argument than a recreational item so it doesn’t last long and I put it away.

We have more time away from screens than some people may think. We may even have more time away from screens than other people choose too and that’s fine. We do what we feel in best for our family and if want to sit in front of screens all day one day, we will and if one day we turn them all off and do one of our many activities we will.

Here’s 20 activities that are great ideas for getting away from the screens and spending time together (these are some of our favorites for ages 2-11):

1. Cook together or bake together.

2. Read a book out loud to them or have them read to you (if they can read)

3. Play a board game or card game or put together a puzzle.

4. Do a craft together. (you can probably find a lot of cute ideas on Pinterest)

5. If you have the means you can get a local museum membership and take them on day trips to educate them and let them play with hands on features.

6. Play with toys, dolls, blocks or Legos

7. Build Forts

8. Play outside (possibilities are almost endless)

9. Go on a nature walk or hike

10. Ride bikes.

11. Go flower picking

12. Take a trip to the library

13. Play at the park.

14. Listen to music and sing loudly

15. Take a car ride and play I spy.

16. Go swimming.

17. Have conversations by playing What’s your favorite (the answers may change, but it’s a great way to get to know your child and so they can get to know you.)

18. If you have a hobby, try to incorporate your child into helping you so you can spend time together.

19. Create a nature scavenger hunt and save all the goodies they find.

20. Cloud watching. Look up at the clouds and have them describe what each one they find looks like.

We are a very active and connected family and I love that about us. Do we like technology? of courseDo we let it control our lives? not so much. I will not let my children sit for hours on end in front of a computer or tablet or phone, I just won’t. I’d send them outside to get dirty before I let them sit on computer or tablet (unless it’s raining and then we can weigh some options before the last resort)

techbanIn order to teach them to appreciate nature, their family, working together, compromise, rules, structure and how to play nicely then usually technology needs to be out of the equation all together. Several days of the week we do a “technology ban” (it’s not necessarily a planned time or day) which for us means we turn off the TVs, the tablet, phones, computer for a few hours and do something that requires us to connect.

I know that some parents get overwhelmed, I get overwhelmed too. I understand that it’s easier to just turn a movie on and sit the kids in front of it. It’s easier to let them hang on to your phone and let them pop the balloons. It’s easier to put a screen in front of them to keep them occupied and out of your hair while you get stuff done around the house like showering, brushing your hair, finally finishing that load of laundry and getting the last of the dishes washed just to have them pile back up after lunch. I’m not saying that I don’t give my children screen time, because I do, I definitely do. What I’m saying is, it’s not ALL we do. (Even though sometimes even when I offer the TV or games so I can get chores done, it doesn’t work and they insist on helping with the things we’re trying to get done and that’s fine too)

Basically, my point is. My kids enjoy time spent with us and actually doing hands on things versus being screen deep into electronics. They would choose to go on a nature hike or out for a walk  before being in front of a screen any day and I love that about them. They know there is more to life than sitting in front of TV or games. They usually tend to beg to go to the park or for a walk, especially when we drive by where they are familiar. The love being outdoors and in nature and I’ve done my best to make it and keep it that way. I’ve never been the parent to let their child get consumed in electronics instead of taking the time to interact with them. There will be plenty of time in their futures for them to have electronics in their  lives, but for us right now, this time is the time in their lives that molds them into the people they become and I want them to have as many memories as I can give of us spending time together as much as we possibly can.I’ve chosen to be more involved with my children and their imaginations and their growth as individuals instead of screen zombies.


Our Life Beyond the Screens

5 Reasons I love Summer

I know it’s not technically summer yet, but we’re getting there right? I’m really looking forward to the memories we’re going to make this summer.


1. No School
It’s both crazy and relaxing to have the kids home for the summer. I still have to wake up pretty early most mornings anyways. Some days though they decide to sleep in. They can pretty much be free and play and learn at their own pace doing whatever they want to do whether it’s reading, watching movies, playing with each other with their toys or dolls, building stuff, being creative, etc. They stay super busy and we don’t have as strict of a schedule to follow as when they’re in school. Since the kids have been out of school we’ve been able to dedicate a lot more time to being outdoors.

2. Outdoor Fun
There just seems to be more enjoyable time spent outside during the summer than any other season, not to mention the days seem longer (more day light hours and all). The kids would stay outside from morning to night if I let them, but some days are just so humid that it’s miserable. It is definitely nice to just be outside though, especially because thankfully we have a shady backyard and it takes the stuffiness out of the air a little bit. Plus side to a hot summer’s day… their Grandma has a pool!


3. Cookouts
Okay now we’ve been known to cook on the grill in the winter, but there is just something about summer that screams cookout!  Whether we are at home with just us and the kids or having a big family get together with my siblings, nieces and nephews. Memorial Day we had our first large family gathering of many more summer days.



4. Watermelon
There is a guilty pleasure to eating 5 or 9 pieces of watermelon alone every weekend. The kids love that stuff, we go through a watermelon every weekend. We have saved so many seeds from all the watermelon we’ve eaten so far because we want to plant as many as we can.

5. Swimming
This could fall under outdoor fun, but we have outdoor fun all year round. Swimming however, for us anyways, cannot be done all year round. So summer is definitely the time to enjoy the pool and we plan to every chance we get. My kids are water bugs, they stay in that pool until they are all pruned up and can’t feel their legs.

Summer just speaks beauty to me. It’s hot and miserable most days, but it’s also a sense of freedom and serenity. I love all the possibilities that come with it being Summer.

PicMonkey Collage

5 Reasons I love Summer

It’s bittersweet to watch them grow.

The one thing I used to find myself always thinking was, “Man I can’t wait until they are older!” When really it’s bittersweet. I would LOVE for them to stay my little toddlers forever but I know that watching them turn into the smart, witty and charismatic little people is just the next step on our journey.

My four year old son Ky is in Preschool. Before he started he wasn’t getting all the colors right, he had no recognition of the alphabet, and couldn’t really tell me shapes after going over and over everything. No matter how much I tried to teach him, he just wasn’t absorbing it.

Now he can say his ABC’s. He can nearly count to 20. (he can get to 12 accurately) He knows all his colors. He knows many shapes (even hexagon). He can do simple math with objects (1+1=2 & 2-1=1 kinda stuff) He is still learning Letter Sound recognition though he is exceeding in all expectations of the school by the end of the year. I’m proud of him.

It’s crazy to have seen him change so much just going to Preschool. He’s so smart. He can recite nursery rhymes, he can articulate much better (since they have had him in speech therapy) He went from being my kid who didn’t seem to retain information, to my kid who now knows so much that sometimes he even out smarts me.

My three year old daughter Fifi (turns 4 in May) will start preschool this year. She’s completely different than my son though, she already knows everything he’s learned in Preschool prior to going. I’m only sending her so she can learn how to behave in a school setting before Kindergarten, I already know she knows everything they’ve been testing my son on, so it should be a breeze for her.

She had been asking me all year can she go to school, so even thought it’s not a mandatory grade level, I’m still going to send her. She’s very excited and it’s really a good experience for them, I believe, plus I love that school.

That leaves me one baby left at home once she starts in August this year. My little 2 year old son Po who will be 3 in July. He is my doll baby, so spoiled and such a clown. I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself once he starts school. (I wanted to start a hobby, but I just don’t know what I’d want to do)

I won’t get into my 7 year old son Z and my 9 year old daughter Ro. Seriously, they are so hot and cold. I’m sort of fearing being a mom to teenagers, but I know it’s inevitable. I’m just doing my best right now because they are the oldest and each new year is something else, usually something I’ve never dealt with before, so it’s very trying and at times I get emotional I won’t lie, but I’m doing my best to figure it all out because I have 3 more coming up behind them.

So as I’m watching them grow like I’d been painfully anticipating and at some moments wishing for… I’m finding myself now hanging on a little tighter to the memories of their infancy. They have grown so much and I really do enjoy this journey we’re on, we’re constantly learning and growing together as a family because they are all so different and all of them have different personalities. They all have different favorite things, they all have their own preferences.

As a parent, I have to remember every little detail or else they will correct me very quickly and then it’s the whiny cry from my daughter “MOM… I don’t like ketchup!!” and I’m like “oops, just switch plates with your brother.” The one kid who has to eat RANCH with everything and won’t eat a morsel if ketchup touched it, is my little girl. Then my four year old son has to eat mustard with everything and he likes pepperoni on his hamburgers. I could go on and on. Fixing dinner at my house I always have to prepare each plate differently and then remember whose was whose. It’s like one of those matching games where you have to remember which picture is where when they are turned over.

This sort of thing is going to continue on though, there are going to be so many changes to come, so much more learning and adjusting as they grow and it’s going to be a sensational adventure and it’s one I’m ready for, at least in theory.

(photo is of my younger four on one of our museum trips)




It’s bittersweet to watch them grow.