First Day of Summer

It’s officially the first day of Summer as well as a full moon. We celebrate Litha, the Summer Solstice.

The kids and I colored pretty Sunflower pictures because I didn’t have any means to the real flowers. I’ve been trying to grow Sunflowers, but they haven’t sprouted at all. It’s fine though because coloring allowed us time together, allowing us stress relief and bond our energies.

coloring sunflowers

This evening we set out the pictures to help with our ceremony’s energy. We laid out our crystals to provide strength. We wrote down our wishes and each of us read them before placing them in the flames “blessed be”. After we finished we had smores over the flame which represented Sun/Fire in celebration of Summer and how the Sun provides for us and everything. Once we were through adoring the blaze, we headed inside for the night. Leaving our crystals outside to cleanse in the Full Moon.

crystal cleansingchants

full moon

We thank our mother earth and we are grateful for the sun and it’s entirety. We are trying to grow our own garden. It is our first garden at our house. I failed my first couple seedlings last month. I redid them and they are successful so far. My husband and I are currently in the process of building my garden space for the plants and I hope they grow plentiful. So far we have 4 sprouting corn, 6 cucumber and 2 watermelon. We also need to move our tomato plants because they are not getting enough Sun where they are. Next year I want to have a lot more in our garden, so this year is full of trial and error and first attempts.

Starter plants


First Day of Summer

Following Our Dreams

The realization that my goals are being met after creating them is a good feeling, having a strategy on how to get to them realistically, the execution of said goals and the success I feel when they are met is great.

In January 2014 we were car shopping and I knew I wanted a Honda van and he wanted an Audi, within 2 weeks of deciding a budget, we found the Audi and bought it and the next day the van and bought it, spending exactly how much we wanted to spend.

That same year we started saving for our own place. We did some house hunting within that year but found nothing until one day in March 2015 I saw a house online and I wrote a proposal for it because I knew I wanted it and I could feel that energy bubbling over. When we pulled up to it I said to him “look at our new house”. I walked in the front door and within seconds I told him, this is it. I had my paperwork in the car and we made him an offer right on the spot. He even made the other family looking at the house leave while we talked it over. Later that evening I got the call that he accepted our offer and he even gave it to us for less than we offered and said he was impressed with my proposal and the numbers I had come up with. We put a down payment on our first home together the very next day. We knew it was the best investment for us versus renting because we were spending more up front but the monthly payment was the same and a month later we closed on it. So while he was making $8.00 an hour and I was babysitting we purchased our first home.

Another goal, divorces, we already had our wedding date planned, I was kind of worried that things would interfere, but the lawyers got that done in 4 months last year. Then we patiently awaited the date to arrive, the date I always wanted as my marriage anniversary July 24.

In our entire time together, we’ve never made a late payment on anything. I’ve always had our bills paid on time. It still amazes me how we’ve done it considering things were not always so easy for us, but we made it through. We’ve made sacrifices so that we could have everything we needed and not live beyond our means. We did what we had to do to get by and still be able to save money for the goals mentioned before.

Thinking about when we first got together, he told me together we can do anything, and now I really do believe him. We’ve had more successes in the 2 short years we’ve been together versus the 9 years combined that I was with my ex husbands. I think that finally finding that happiness and that alignment in our lives has allowed us to be more of a positive vibrational match to what we want out of our lives. Its incredible. I know we can make all of our goals a reality and I’m ready to work towards them all.

You can reach your goals too! You just have to create them, include a strategy on how to reach them, follow that plan and then reap the benefits of your success no matter what they are!




Following Our Dreams