The Cutest Bows Right to Your Door!

So I love mail, packages and what have you. I do a lot of my shopping online and I have a lot of mail subscriptions. One of my more recent discoveries since having a baby girl, Little Poppy Co.

A 3 bow a month subscription for only $11.99/month!
(When my 4 year old was a baby I bought custom made bows online all the time and spent up to $8-$10 a piece on them. If you do the math on this subscription you’re only spending about $4 a piece)

The link below will take you to their website where you can sign up for your subscription using my referral.

Having a baby girl!? You can get your first month FREE just pay shipping!

Did you know that moms to be of baby girls and new moms with a baby girl under 1 month old, get a month free when they make a new post to Instagram with a shoutout to Little Poppy Co in the following context:

“Hey @littlepoppyco , It’s a girl!! #littlepoppycobowsformybabe ”

little poppy co

Want more free bows? After you’ve signed up for your monthly Little Poppy Co. bow subscription, refer your friends! It’s that easy.

I’ve signed up just in time for their MAY bows, so here’s a peek at those. Orders for the following month ship 25th-28th of each month, so if you want these May bows you have to sign up quick! They have clips or nylon bands to choose from.



DISCLAIMER: These opinions are my own. I am not affiliated with this company and not paid to promote this business in any way.

The Cutest Bows Right to Your Door!

Gender Reveal

So of course we didn’t want to be surprised and have been waiting quite a while to find out what our little one was going to be. Mainly so we could go ahead and shop and prepare a nursery and to stop the guilt of calling it an IT.

So what will it be?


I could hardly sleep the night before. I was so anxious about figuring it out.


We sat in the waiting room for a bit and I didn’t think at the time that they wouldn’t let my three year old go back until the end. Which made my husband have to sit out there with them until it was close to the end of the scan, which took 30+ minutes. I felt so much better now that we had the anatomy scan done and the baby is super healthy and doing great in development.


She waited to reveal the gender for when she went out and got them from the waiting room and brought them back. She did some searching and showed us on the monitor that it was a………..


So now we know that and our little one can now have a name and be called a she/her instead of an IT. She now evens us out. I currently have 2 girls and 3 boys. Now it will be 3 girls and 3 boys. With the step kids it totals 4 girls and 4 boys. Perfect.



I had a prenatal visit right after the ultrasound and they checked my weight and blood pressure and the baby’s heart rate, everything is great. The ultrasound says she weighs 11 ounces.


We’re half-way there which means 20 more weeks until our due date. We’re going to be decorating the girls room / nursery before the baby arrives. Now that we know she’s a girl we know what we need to buy for her that we didn’t have already. It’s a lot more peaceful in my mind knowing instead of the nagging mystery. The longest I ever went in my pregnancy without knowing was my 5th, I didn’t find out he was a boy until a month before he was born. And let me tell you, that was nerve racking.



Gender Reveal

13-14 weeks: VIVID DREAMING

I’ve always had some pretty crazy detailed and off the wall dreams, but lately they have been pretty intense.

My dreams are so realistic that in the instance that I am in fear or anxious I wake up struggling to breathe or breathing heavy and my heart racing. I’ve even woken to a cold sweat and even crying.

In good dreams¬† with less anxiety I find myself thinking these things are really happening only to be awoken to the reality that it hadn’t. Though sometimes a tad depressing, especially when you’re holding thousands of dollars in your hand and you wake up with nothing there.

I’ve also had a dream that I was flying recently, these dreams give me anxiety as I am afraid of heights and in my dreams I generally cannot control my flight or height or direction. In this particular dream though, my flight was through running fast and pushing up off the ground when I was ready to ascend. It was actually relieving. I was not afraid and I actually could control how high I went, how fast I went and the direction of my flight. It was exhilarating to say the least. I woke up with my heart sped up a little, but not in the fear that I once did.

Another dream recently that has happened on 2 occasions was me simply going through my day to day, it seemed so realistic. Though one thing out of the ordinary, I kept finding huge spiders everywhere! They would have thick webbing as they lowered down from behind things or dropping from the ceiling. Now I have arachnophobia and we’ve just killed 3 spiders in the last week inside our house. I’m not sure if my sub-conscious is just playing off that or what. It’s been nerve racking. These dreams didn’t wake me up, but they did stick with me in terms of remembering the detail of the spiders and everything.

I’ve always been a “vivid” dreamer. Pregnancy seems to definitely¬† intensify it a bit. They are so realistic and I can decide what to do in them even when sometimes I’m not aware I’m dreaming. There have been times when I know I am and I have complete control. It’s quite interesting.

Do you lucid dream? Are you so sure that you’re really doing these things until you wake up and realize it wasn’t real? It’s crazy sometimes! Sometimes I just want to go back to sleep and jump right back into that dream but I never can.

13-14 weeks: VIVID DREAMING