There is Always so Much More to Discover.

I’ve always wanted to travel and experience new places. My dreams were not so far fetched, or so I thought. I considered that since my dreams were within my own country they would be more realistic. That I could just get a map, close my eyes, point and then go, but alas, it’s not simply that easy. At least not for me.

I’ve lived in the same area for 20 years now and I’ve done some visiting of other states, I even lived at a beach in Florida briefly, yet where I am has always been “home” to me.

I’m not saying I want to go run off and live somewhere else, but I know there’s a possibility to just fall in love with somewhere else. I know I don’t know everything or every place out there, I’m sure no one really does. There could be a perfect town or city just waiting for you, but you’d never know because you’ve never been. Some people don’t ever get to leave where they are and I don’t want that to be me.

I’m a mom, my husband and I have a large family. We do a lot of “adulting” so to speak, and sometimes feels like we have so much responsibility to where we are that we don’t make traveling a priority.  I would love to be able to go further than just 5 hours away and actually see different things, not the same old things all the time.

I want to see monuments, I want to see natural sights, I want to visit all the “largests and smallests” along the way, I want to know what all the fuss is about for different areas that are the “must sees”, I want to try as many little diner/dives that I can find. There is so much out there to see and I only have one time around to see it.

We bought an RV because I thought it’d be perfect for our large family and that we’d be able to travel with it, yet for nearly a year it’s sat parked with only taking it once to visit a lake 2 hours away. There are moments when I’m like this was such a waste, but then I get sad thinking of getting rid of it. It feels like LIFE just gets in the way sometimes; work, school, pets, money, scheduling. Not to mention how difficult it is to go anywhere without excessive planning, especially with a family our size. It will happen though, eventually. We will travel more!

I was on Facebook this morning and came across this site MapLoco that allows you to create a map of the states you’ve been. That’s when I knew for sure, we will go to each one even if it takes years to do it.

Here’s my map of states I’ve visited:


You can create your own map here:

I collect magnets and pennies everywhere I go. Not just the states, but places within the states. Regrettably, I didn’t always have the opportunity to get a magnet or penny from some places I went. One day though, I would love to have a huge collection of these. I love to create the memories.



There is Always so Much More to Discover.

July Weekend RV Trip & Expenses




Falls Lake State Recreation Area – Holly Point Campground
July 29th-July 31st

From DANVILLE, VA to WAKE FOREST, NC (1 hour and 29 min)
77.4 miles (154.8 miles round trip)



$110.00 to fill tank on RV and only used 1/4 for whole trip
TOTAL USED  est. $28.00


We packed groceries that cost us $20
Then we spent $25 on ordering pizza
Spent $9 on some snacks on the drive back
TOTAL = $54.00



2 nights with all hookups (Friday & Saturday night)
TOTAL $48 + $6 reservation fee = $54.00

Kids had a good time = PRICELESS!


July Weekend RV Trip & Expenses

Family trip to the Colonial Triangle

We took the kids on a camping adventure / educational journey into the past. Our trip was to Historic Williamsburg, Yorktown and Jamestown. They loved it!

First of all this was one of our first long overnight trips with everyone, 2 adults and 6 kids. It was surprisingly so easy! It was a very enjoyable experience, minimal fussing and overall just a great time as a family. My husband had a great Father’s Day and it was nice to get away from our regular day to day.

Our first night, Friday, we checked in under our reservation and set up camp at the Williamsburg KOA . Once we had everything set up it was time for dinner and the only way to eat was starting a fire. So the kids and my hubby went into the woods to chop a log (with the handsaw he brought) and the kids collected sticks and tinder (pine needles). Once the fire was started hubby did an excellent job with hotdogs over an open flame and pan cooking hamburgers. The kids thought it was so neat to cook over the fire.

On our first morning ate jelly and sausage biscuits at our campsite. Then  we headed off to Colonial Williamsburg and after a slight stall on our plans (hubby had to make a pitstop at Auto Zone to buy a thermostat to put on the van, afterwards we were good to go the remainder of the trip) we got to the Visitor Center and walked over to Colonial Williamsburg.

The kids were so intrigued by the horse and buggy, the palace, the old houses and storefronts. They even thought how they dressed was different and neat.


They had fun checking out the stocks and couldn’t imagine having to stay like that as punishment.


Our next stop was to drive down the Colonial Parkway and check out the beaches on the York River. The warnings of jellyfish and stinging Nettles kept them from wanting to go in the water, but they enjoyed the beautiful views. We were really amazed at how bike friendly this area is. There were literally bike trails for miles on end. We even drove through Yorktown to look at the old houses. There were a lot of water access along the parkway that would be great for fishing and at Yorktown Beach there is a really nice sandy beach area with a designated swimming area that was really packed but looked nice. The kids voted against parking a bit away (because the other parking was not free) and walking there so we didn’t get to really walk on any of the beaches.

We headed back to the camp and spent the rest of the day exploring the amenities such as the pool, walking trails and the pillow jump. The kids had a blast and once we were done we started dinner on the fire once again eating hamburgers.

And soon after it was our second night and we did showers before bed.

Our second morning we ate breakfast. Packed up and cleaned up camp. We loaded up the van and checked out. After that we headed down the Colonial Parkway towards Yorktown to visit the Victory Center.

We stopped and made sandwiches on a parking spot of the parkway before headed to Jamestown Settlement. Then we got there and explored the settlement.

After we got out of the settlement I took pictures of my 5 born in VA in front of the Virginia plaque and I took a picture of my husband’s daughter born in NC in front of the North Carolina plaque.

I got magnets on our trip and 3 souvenir pennies (I collect both when I travel) and I took the older girls in with me to the gift shop and bought the girls each one thing. The other kids didn’t mind because they didn’t know and I didn’t feel like there was anything in the gift shop that would be compatible with them (I didn’t want something to break as soon as they got their hands on it) Arora got a pretty pink pair of dreamcatcher earrings and Mallory got a snowglobe.


It was a great trip and afterwards we quizzed the kids on what they learned. Then we asked them what their favorite part of the trip was. It varied for each child.

Mallory’s favorite thing was camping and the pool.
Arora’s favorite thing was Jamestown and the pool.
Zaiden’s favorite thing was camping and the pillow jump.
Kyran’s favorite thing was cooking on fire and camping.
Felicity’s favorite thing was campsite and pool.
Porter’s favorite thing was campsite and bubbles.

Sincerely adorable responses. I love the time we spent together and it is just one of many to come!

Family trip to the Colonial Triangle